The Drive-By Media Can’t Define the Obama Doctrine — But We Can

Obama’s doctrine is easy: Grow government and lie to make it happen.
Check it out:

Remember the other day we played audio sound bites of President Obama’s commencement speech to the cadets at West Point. (interruption) Was that yesterday? It seems like — was that just yesterday? (interruption) Are you kidding me? Man. It does seem like it’s longer than a day ago. Anyway, do you know that only 25% of the cadets stood or applauded or something when he entered the room or when he left? I forget which. It’s a really low number. Either way, it’s a hopeful sign.

But what’s funny, you know, we spent a lot of time playing sound bites and trying to parse and analyze it for you, and I think I did a pretty good job. I think I got a pretty good handle on Obama’s view of this country. I think I’ve got a pretty good understanding of what would be called the Obama Doctrine. You can sum it up in two words, but I would like to get more nuanced than that. The Obama Doctrine basically is that America has been a false superpower, an illegitimate one, not a real one. We acquired our superpower status in less than honest ways, and now the world sees us for who we really are, and we must now demonstrate to the world that we are no longer that cowboy country just running roughshod over everybody, sending our military anywhere we want ’em to go.

Now, I could get even more nuanced and detailed than even that, but the sum total of the Obama Doctrine is that there’s nothing exceptional about this place and what everybody thought was exceptional about it was misguided because this country just has too much baggage to ever be considered exceptional. And we need to apologize and acknowledge that we’re aware of that now to the rest of the world so that we will be seen with more friendly eyes.



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