Do liberals ever have anything to run on other than feelings?
Check it out:

What do you mean? Of course he’s gonna be a campaign issue. What is it gonna take for people to figure this out? I just got an e-mail, “Rush, do you think Sterling will be a campaign issue?” Damn right he’s gonna be a campaign issue! Not only that, somebody in Hollywood right now is rushing into production The Donald Sterling Story, the miniseries for TV. They gotta get it done before the midterms.

It’s all they’ve got.

The Democrat Party is who makes this all possible, folks. Look, let me be dead serious for a second. I know we’re getting to the giddy, laugh-about-it stage with all this, but I’m telling you: The Democrat Party promotes this. The Democrat Party makes people comfortable with their racism. The Democrat Party makes people comfortable with their bigotry opinion. The Democrat Party opens the doors for all of this.

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