What Difference Does It Make If Hillary Has Brain Damage?

Hillary wouldn’t make much of a difference in liberal policy.
Check it out:

We also have Karl Rove speculating that Mrs. Clinton might have suffered some sort of brain injury back in December of 2012, which is progress. Generally Karl thinks it’s the Tea Party that’s crazy. Now he’s thinking maybe Mrs. Clinton is crazy. What happened here, reportedly Karl Rove told a conference near Los Angeles on Thursday — and here it is in quotes — “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

Now, Hillary’s flacks have responded to this and they said she wasn’t in the hospital for 30 days. She was only in the hospital for three days. She was hiding the other 27 days from the congressional investigations into Benghazi. But I remember her absence, we all do. She was off the grid like Obama was that night, the night of Benghazi, she was off the grid for 30 days afterwards. And Rove is serious. He thinks the New York Times is gonna have to ask her about it because she’s a presidential candidate. And he’s now saying (paraphrasing), “Well, I never said she had brain damage. I just said she suffered some sort of an injury, and we need to get answers to it.”

My reaction is this. If Hillary has brain damage, what difference does it make now? What possible different does it make now how it happened, or even if she has brain damage. If you’re gonna start going down this road with Mrs. Clinton, you’ve gotta go back a little farther than December of 2012. I mean, you remember how Hillary couldn’t remember where she put the Rose Law Firm billing records. She couldn’t remember how she got hold of those 900 FBI files that she and Bill had somewhere. Her answer to most questions back then was that she couldn’t remember, and so forth.



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