Dems Won’t Really Sit Out Benghazi Hearings

Liberals will want their chance to defend their hero.
Check it out:

The Benghazi select committee in the House is going to proceed with no Democrats, at least as we stand now. “Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House, has rejected the terms of the Republican-created select committee on Benghazi.” Well, the Republicans are moving ahead without them. I, frankly, think that would be better. We don’t need Democrats.

If the Democrats want to abandon this thing or boycott it, that’s just fine with me. They can’t turn it into a circus and distract it and basically destroy it. That’s why I think they eventually will show up so that they can do that. Pelosi says they’re not gonna show up, but there is some guy out there, Xavier Becerra, a Democrat — I think he’s from Illinois — and he’s saying they still might show up.

Now, there are two articles. “Becerra: Democrats Will Participate If the Benghazi Panel Is Fair and Open and Balanced.” So you see, they’re telling the media (summarized), “Well, we’re not gonna show up! This is unfair; it’s unbalanced. It’s a bunch of right-wing extremists trying to get to the bottom of this. We’re not gonna play any role in that.

“But if they change their minds — if they make it fair and if they make it equal and if they are interested in eq-ual-it-y — then we might show up.” That’s from The Washington Examiner says that Pelosi’s rejected the Republican terms, or “the terms of the GOP-created select committee.” So the Republicans are moving ahead without them.



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