Why Democrats Want Us to See the World Through Race-Colored Glasses

The racists of today are race baiting liberals.
Check it out:

Yes, I confirmed that I am right. I generally don’t have to confirm that, but in this case I did. Racism is essentially a belief. It’s words. It’s thoughts. Racism is not — now, it can be action that results from beliefs or thoughts, but you simply can’t charge somebody of being a racist because of what they do. For example, Cuban seeing somebody on the street that threatens him who happens to be wearing a hoodie and may be black, so he leaves, that does not make him a racist because he took that action. You’d have to find out what he believes. You’d have to find out what he thinks, what his belief system is. But you can’t simply say because he had a fear and ditto on the other side of the street with the skinhead tattooed Nazi-like figure. He had a fear. You’re never gonna be able to prove what he believes unless he admits it to you.

See, the whole point of all this, the reason why the Democrats led by Obama see the world through race-colored glasses is the election coming up. It’s their primary tool to turn out their base and their voters, because they don’t have anything policy-wise that’s going to do it. So they’re gonna resort to what they always resort to, their fear and all of the injustices and the inequalities and the unfairness and the lack of justice and all of those things that they use to convince all their voters that life is hell. And it’s just miserable, and the only way that you’re gonna stand a chance of being less miserable than you are is if you let the Democrats fight these battles for you by punishing the people making you miserable. And that’s essentially what they’re advocating.

Now, when Obama made his race speech back in 2008, do you remember why he had to do that? There’s a preacher by the name of Jeremiah Wright. And Obama had refused and refused and refused. Finally the pressure became immense. The Drive-By Media, believing that he was the messiah, wanted him to make a statement on race and forever define the way it was going to be judged, seen, treated, dealt with, by our country and the world. And so he did. And it was in that speech that he referred to his white grandmother as a “typical white woman.”



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