Democrats Facilitate Hate, Not Love

Controlling the masses is the goal of liberals.
Check it out:

This totalitarian use of force, this authoritarian use of power to punish, silence anybody that says something you don’t agree with or you don’t like. They don’t have to do anything. All they’ve gotta do is talk or write or say something that you happen to disagree with.

Look at the global warming crowd. There are actual attempts here to criminalize opposition to global warming, put people in jail for it around the world. It’s not just a domestic thing here. But I’m telling you that the facilitating agent for all of this in this country is the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the home. Every one of these people that we’re talking about, including Sterling, votes Democrat. Everybody involved, everybody making a big deal, everybody in the media, everybody all hopped up about this, they’re all Democrats. They all vote for Democrats.

I mean, for crying out loud, folks, you have elected Democrats talking this way, encouraging the people that vote for them to think this way. The Democrat Party is all about statism. The Democrat Party is all about command-and-control, centralized authority and power. The concept of individualism, rugged or otherwise, is laughed at, mocked, made fun of, ridiculed.

Practically every virtue and every tradition that went into building this country is under assault right now. And that’s what we find ourselves in the middle of. You can say it’s always been there, and it’s been effervescing and bubbling up and finally now it’s boiled over. But why has it boiled over it if it’s always been there? Why did nobody tamp it down? In order to keep the peace, why have efforts been made to victimize people and punish — well, no. Why has the Democrat Party willfully, eagerly, happily put people in groups, made them victims, put them on the welfare rolls, made their existence barely a subsistence? Why has there not been any effort to tamp down some of this animosity in the country and try to turn it into love?

Why has there not been an overall effort to inspire people to exercise the opportunity this country provides everybody today to be the best they can be? Where has that gone? Why is that missing? Why is now everybody a victim? Why is everybody owed something? Why is everybody a victim of the immoral, unjust founding of this country? It’s been a movement that’s been around since the beginning of the country. And rather than tamp it down, the Democrat Party has inspired it; the Democrat Party has promoted it.

It is the single source of their power: aggrieved, miserable, angry, unhappy people looking for the people they’re mad at to be gotten even with. Looking for the people they are mad at to be dealt with. Looking for the people that they’re mad at to be punished. And when it happens, they’re all happy, whether it improves their lives or not. And in most cases it doesn’t. But they don’t care because they’ve been conditioned to believe that somebody being punished, either taxes being raised or any other form of punishment, that’s justice. And the Democrat Party is the agent of that justice. The Democrat Party’s facilitating all this. That’s where its home is. None of this would be working if there were not a significant political power base propping it up as a foundation.



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