Democrat VA Strategery: Obama Cares, Bush Didn’t

Liberals always blame someone else.
Check it out:

Bush did it. And, believe me, do you know that in certain polls on the economy Bush is still being blamed more than Obama? It’s closing, the gap is like 51-49 right now. But many more people still blame Bush for this economy, after six years of Obama, than they blame Obama. This guy, Bush didn’t care about bin Laden. He sent us into a war that we didn’t need to go to. He didn’t want to get bin Laden. He didn’t care. He didn’t try. It all boils down to this, doesn’t it? He didn’t care. He didn’t care where Obama was, or bin Laden, he didn’t care about getting him.

He didn’t care about us. He didn’t care what it was costing me to live. He didn’t care how much my health insurance was, Obama does. Obama doesn’t want me to be a victim of America. And there you have it. Limbaugh Theorem on display. This is exactly how it works. Obama didn’t send us into a war and Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden. Obama got bin Laden, got us out of the war nobody wanted, and cares that the insurance companies are victimizing people. It’s probably pretty representative of the way the Northeastern liberals look at all this. Well, some of it’s gotta be widespread. I know that 51-49 still blaming Bush for the economy is not just the Northeast. It’s narrowing.

Here, try this. I alluded to this earlier. I got it right here in the New York Times: “Democrats Seek Issues to Lure Midterm Votes After Races Buoy GOP — With Tuesday’s primaries reinforcing the strength of the Republican establishment –” by the way, that’s another thing. If I have time, I might — the Drive-Bys are reveling here in reporting the death of the Tea Party. That’s an ancillary thing from this story. Maybe we’ll circle back to it.



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