DEM DISSENT: token Dem on Benghazi panel?

The less liberals on the panel the better.
Check it out:

Democratic lawmakers weighing whether to participate in a special investigative committee on the Benghazi attacks should name just one lawmaker to the panel, rather than boycott the investigation altogether, a top lawmaker said Thursday.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., sent a letter to Democrats meeting on Friday to discuss how to respond to the committee approved Thursday by the GOP-led House in a vote largely on party lines, The Washington Examiner reported.

DeLauro, co-chairs the Democratic Steering Policy Committee, which creates committee assignments, told her colleagues that boycotting the panel “would leave our caucus with no voice to engage in committee proceedings.”

Instead, appointing a single member would allow Democrats to participate in the “partisan committee” and access important material, she said.



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