Dad arrested for protesting ‘pornographic’ book at school board meeting

Another reason not to have your kids in government schools.
Check it out:

The New Hampshire father who was disgusted with school officials for assigning a sexually explicit novel to his 14-year-old daughter was arrested at Monday night’s school board meeting and charged with disorderly conduct.

William reports William Baer was arrested and taken away in handcuffs from the meeting “because he would not stop protesting” the district’s policy of assigning “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult to its 9th grade English students.

In a previous interview with EAGnews, Baer described portions of the novel as “pornography” and said he was appalled that Gilford High School officials assigned the book without giving parents any notice of what was in it – or giving them a chance to opt their children out of the assignment.

Gilford school officials say Picoult’s novel – which tells the story of a school shooting and how it impacts various individuals – has been part of the curriculum since 2007. Gilford officials say that parents are normally notified of the book’s controversial nature before it is assigned, and acknowledge they failed to do so this year.

Before Baer addressed the board on Monday evening, he was told he had two minutes to speak. reports that Baer “went beyond that time and sat down, but then got into an argument with another parent who approved of the book at the high school.”



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