Cruz Weighs in on Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case

We need to fight for freedom.
Check it out:

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz spoke about faith and freedom at Houston Baptist University (HBU). He was joined by HBU President Robert Sloan and journalist Marvin Olasky–all three shared how faith has impacted their own careers and discussed religious freedom in modern America. Hundreds of people gathered in the Dunham Theater to listen to the discussion live.

Although the three panelists occasionally disagreed with each other on minor issues, the overarching theme of the event represented a consistent thread between all of them: they are each committed to their values and principles despite opposition from the left and secular institutions.

Taking a bold stance, Sloan kicked off the event by saying, “Religious freedom, there is no question, is being threatened today.”

The college president elaborated arguing that it is utterly ridiculous that we now live in a society where “we have to sue our own government” to enjoy religious freedom.



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