County Wants Opt-Out From Social Security

We all should be able to opt out of government dependence.
Check it out:

There already are nationwide movements pressing for the freedom to opt out of Washington’s Obamacare, gun control and Common Core education agendas.

Now, a Colorado county wants out of Social Security.

According to the Gazette of Colorado Springs, El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen is proposing a change in federal law to allow local governments to invest retirement money in “market-driven alternatives.”

“All we’re trying to do is have an option,” she told the newspaper.

Lathen has already been in touch with members of the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee. She said that when the members commit to sponsoring a bill, their names will be made public.

A proposed bill has been drafted, she said.

The idea is being called SMART Options, for “Stable, Market-Driven, Alternative, Retirement Transition.”

According to the Gazette, two professors from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs joined Lathen at a recent Board of County Commissioners meeting to discuss their research. The professors concluded that shifting funds to private-sector investments would stimulate the economy and increase retirement accounts.



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