Cool! Summit Solves Concussion Problem

Obama’s solution will be more government.
Check it out:

The president and the concussion summit today at the White House. Is anything more worthless than a concussion summit at the White House, convened by the president? In the big scheme of things, is this the kind of thing that actually ought to be going on at the White House? (interruption) Well, it is on the same level of a hashtag, when you get right down to it.

“Mr. Limbaugh, are you saying that you don’t care about the safety of our children or our citizens hitting their heads when they play violent sports?” No, I’m not going to that at all, Mr. Castrati. I’m saying that this is worthless. This is not how anything’s gonna happen. A concussion summit? If football causes concussions, and you want to eliminate concussions, what are you gonna have to do?

You’re gonna have to eliminate the way football is played, pure and simple. If there were a helmet that prevent concussions, it would be on the market, and whoever made it would be extremely wealthy and popular. But there isn’t. If there was a way of playing the game as it’s played today that would eliminate concussions, somebody would have implemented it.

So this is a feel-good exercise and it’s really targeted at the low-information voters. It is a counter to all of the other negative Obama news out there, and it’s supposed to show, “He really cares. See, he really cares! He’s focused on us. He really cares about people.” It shores up the good intersections and the desire to protect people and all this. But outside of that, in terms of the genuine stated objective…

In fact, I don’t even know what the stated objective is. How many jobs summits has Obama had, and where’s the evidence they matter? How many other summits on various aspects of the economy has Obama convened and where’s the evidence that they matter? You know, I’m the mayor of Realville. To me, it’s a frustrating thing that so much symbolism counts for substance today.



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