Conservatism Wins in Nebraska Primary

We all need to do everything we can to spread the conservative message.
Check it out:

It was last Thursday that the media was saying the Tea Party was dead because a Tea Party in a primary in North Carolina was defeated. So the media was in a celebratory mood. Tea Party’s done for. Ted Cruz, bye-bye. Mike Lee, bye-bye. Marco Rubio, bye-bye. Not so fast.

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Ben Sasse won the Republican primary in Lincoln, Nebraska, in Nebraska yesterday. And you don’t hear the media saying the Tea Party’s dead today because he is full fledge Tea Party. And of course the Department of Justice had to send in monitors. Yes, my friends, monitors, civil rights violations were likely, they thought, because it’s the Tea Party showing up to vote. You know how corrupt the Tea Party is. Oh, you know how corrupt those people are, steal elections left and right. So the State Department, the Justice Department had to send monitors in there to make sure everything was on the up and up. Let’s go back, I just want to remind you what I said on this program last Thursday about the Tea Party and the media and the upcoming midterms.



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