CIA Death Squads Revealed In The Ukraine

The CIA did so well in Benghazi, why should anyone worry?
Check it out:

CIA has overturned political movements unacceptable to the political and financial elite in U.S.

Soon after the United States invaded Afghanistan, the Pentagon began to rely on CIA-trained Afghan paramilitaries to hunt down Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in Kandahar, Khost, Paktia, Paktika and other provinces. The Counterterrorist Pursuit Team was modeled after U.S. Special Forces. It engaged in a number of activities, including delivering insurgents to the CIA for interrogation. In addition to Afghanistan, the team crossed over into Pakistan to hunt down senior al-Qaeda leaders, according to author Bob Woodward.

The CIA’s Special Operations Group was involved in Afghanistan prior to the invasion and establishing the elite Afghan paramilitary team. “They don’t play by the normal rules because they don’t have to,” Tod Robberson wrote for The Dallas Morning News in October, 2002. “That’s a big reason why the United States increasingly prefers to deploy CIA paramilitary troops whenever it prepares to enter global hot spots such as Afghanistan or Iraq. U.S. military officials and other analysts say the CIA has a long history of sending highly trained commandos to some of the world’s most dangerous places, sometimes well in advance of conventional fighting forces but often right alongside them.”



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