China Plans Beijing-United States High-Speed Rail Line

This seems like a lot of expense and risk for something that would take twice as long as a flight.
Check it out:

Chinese experts are studying and considering plans to build a high-speed rail line that stretches from China to the United States.
If constructed, the project, titled the “China-Russia-Canada-America” line, would stretch out to cover over 8,000 miles of land.

China’s Beijing Times newspaper reported the line would start in China, continue into Siberia, then pass through an extensive, 125-mile tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean, then run through Alaska and Canada to finally reach destinations within the continental United States. The total expected trip time is two days (36 hours) with the train traveling at an average speed of 220 miles per hour.

Some skeptics have doubted the plausibility of the high-speed rail plan. If constructed, the Bering strait tunnel would have to be by far the longest underwater tunnel on earth.

Others had concerns revolving around the financial aspect of the project. “China’s railway sector is still being haunted by deep debts. Therefore, even with the government’s support, it must persuade banks to lend a colossal amount of money,” said an expert at Beijing Jiaotong University.



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