CBS News: Vets Don’t Blame Obama

I can only imagine how this poll was worded. The blame goes directly on big government.
Check it out:

The president came out, he was mad. He just found out about it, despite talking about this during the campaign and blaming the VA’s problems on Bush, by the way, in the campaign, that he didn’t know anything about it yesterday until he talked to Shinseki.

And, by the way, yesterday was the first time in months that he’d ever talked to Shinseki. So he goes out and he says that he was really, really mad and he’s not gonna tolerate this. And Major Garrett this morning on CBS News is all excited ’cause they’ve got a new poll, a new poll that since Obama went out there and said how mad he was, Obama is not being blamed for the scandal, and they’re all excited about it. Charlie Rose said to Major Garrett, “Dozens of patients may have died waiting for a doctor visit. The president vows to fix problems with the VA medical care yesterday. Is the president confident the veteran affairs secretary is up to the job?”

GARRETT: “For now Obama is not being blamed for the persistent problems some veterans have encountered trying to obtain health care or for the fact that some veterans either died or became gravely ill waiting for that health care through the VA system. The blame, according to a new CBS News poll, falls squarely on Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki and local VA hospital facilities.”

So excited, the president is not being blamed, just like he doesn’t get blamed for anything. And why not? The Limbaugh Theorem. He didn’t know. It’s all everybody else. It just seems to work. However, there’s just one caveat here, just a small, little catch. The CBS survey was a survey of veterans, not the voting public at large.



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