You Can’t Make This Up: Jill Abramson Fired by Sexists at the New York Times

Liberal hypocrisy is incredible.
Check it out:

A lot of people are really all excited about what happened to Jill Abramson yesterday. Jill Abramson, what was she, the managing editor of the New York Times, the first female executive editor of the New York Times, and she was fired. They tried to talk her into going along with the idea that she resigned. They asked her to show up at the meeting with the staff where they announced her replacement, the first African-American managing director, Dean Baquet, but she wouldn’t go along with it. She got canned.

You wouldn’t believe the Stack of Stuff just on Jill Abramson today. If she would have just read her own paper she might have been able to avoid this. There were stories about what women who want a raise should do, how they should go about it. Don’t do it yourself, you’ll come cross as pushy. Have a lawyer do it for you. Have a third party do it. The New York Times has had story after story of advice for women on how to get a raise. She didn’t do anything, according to the news, anyway, that her paper had published previously. Her previous editor that she replaced, Bill Keller, she claimed that she found out that he was making more and had a better pension, so she went and she demanded equal pay.

Is this not juicy? Here you’ve got the Regime last week or two weeks ago on income inequality and this pay gap between men and women and here’s the house organ, the gospel, the Bible of liberalism, the most powerful employee outside ownership of the New York Times claims that she is a victim of pay discrimination. So the Times management got in gear real fast. “No, no, no, no, no. She was not paid significantly less than Keller. Remember, Keller had been here a lot longer than she had been here, and that’s why Keller’s pension was bigger than hers was. Keller had been here a long, long time.” So they kind of swatted that away.



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