Cairo is Key to the Benghazi Cover-Up

It comes down to the lies Obama told to try and protect his election day claims.
Check it out:

Look, folks, we’re gonna get into Benghazi today and we’re gonna turn it upside down and inside out. When I finish you’re not gonna have any questions remaining. Everything is gonna be explained to you, and it’s pretty much gonna confirm our original instincts and suspicions –massive lying at the White House.

Jay Carney is continuing to lie, and he’s not very good at it, which distinguishes him from other White House press secretaries. They’re normally good at lying for liars. He’s not. But it’s gonna confirm most everything we’ve always thought. It’s gonna confirm Sharyl Attkisson. The Regime is really wide open and exposed on this, and the Drive-Bys are starting to pay some attention but they’re still in cover-up mode for the most part. What impact all this is gonna have on low-information voters, who knows.

I think the best thing we could do is find a way to link Benghazi to Donald Sterling. If we could find a way to link Sterling to everything involving Obama, we might be able to actually make some headway. But I’m gonna tell you. There’s one way I think to know that there was an early plan for a cover-up involving this Benghazi thing. I’m gonna tell you what it all hinges on. It all hinges on Cairo, folks. The Regime put this silly story out that this video caused all this unrest in the Middle East. And if you’ll recall, some Looney Toon in our embassy in Cairo, which is not near Benghazi — well, it’s close on the map, but it’s not Benghazi. Benghazi is Libya. Somebody in our embassy in Cairo in Egypt apologized for something that hadn’t happened yet. Do you remember?

We sent out an apology for offending people. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and we knew that there was gonna be some sort of protest, or we suspected. So we sent out an apology in advance of anything happening. The theory, when it was later learned this is what we’d done, the Regime’s explanation for this was (paraphrasing), “Well, we’re trying to limit any protests. We’ll just apologize in advance and hope that will quell the mood.” This whole thing has been a cover-up from the start.

I mean, even Ron Fournier, who used to be and maybe still is one of the biggest promoters of Obama and the Regime, made it clear on TV today that as far as he’s concerned now everything the Regime has done in the aftermath of Benghazi has been political. It has not had anything to do with foreign policy. And that’s exactly right.



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