‘Buck stops with Obama’ for secret death list

Obama seems to have all kinds of death panels.
Check it out:

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, is appalled at reports that at least 40 U.S. veterans died after being included on a secret list to delay them needed medical treatment, and he said disgraceful practices like this could have been stopped long ago if care of U.S. veterans mattered more to President Obama.

The comments come days after the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system was found to be keeping 1,400-1,600 veterans on a secret list to have their care delayed. Forty of them died. Three hospital administrators are currently on paid leave as an investigation proceeds.

Gohmert is not accusing the Obama administration of playing a role in the actual creation of any lists to delay care, but he believes Obama deserves a lot of the blame.

“It is clear there is a systemic problem with the Veterans Administration, and it didn’t just all of a sudden crop up under this president,” Gohmert said. “President Bush started making some inroads, and this president has made some efforts. The fact is, the buck does stop with the top commander over all of our armed forces and over all executive branch activities.”

The congressman said the president makes it very clear which issues matter most to him, and health care for vets doesn’t appear to be very high on the list.



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