BREAKING: Allen West Seriously Considering Run for President

It will be very nice to have a true conservative like Allen West running in 2016.
Check it out:

BarbWire has learned today from a credible “inside” source that Tea Party favorite and former Florida GOP Congressman Allen B. West is seriously considering a 2016 presidential run. The good Colonel seemed to strongly corroborate this information in a post today at his website, Allen B. West. Colonel West is currently touring a number of these United States and meeting with potential voters.

“Many are asking me to consider a huge undertaking. If God had not placed a challenge before me and closed one door, perhaps a new mission would not be possible. Here I am, traveling along the same path I took in December 2003. I am traveling with my “Band of Brothers” and meeting my beloved countrymen and women along the way, sharing my perspectives as well.

A new door has opened and faithfully I walked through it. This morning a couple of our Motor Marshalls, former NC Highway Patrolmen, expressed their delight in my publicly sharing my faith. I told them I have no choice. I ain’t perfect, but I do know that God guides my steps and protects my family.

We did not stop to rest back in December 2003, but today I had the opportunity to reflect upon those doors that have opened for me. Where will this journey lead me? Only God knows. What a journey it has been so far!”



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