Amnesty and the Guilting of America

Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to transform Mexico.
Check it out:

There’s an aspect to illegal immigration that really doesn’t get talked about much, but it is just as crucial to the Democrat Party as is their need for a permanent underclass. Now, on the surface, the Democrat Party’s need for a permanent underclass would seem to be economic. As long as there are a never ending, growing number of people dependent on the government, then it is said, and wisely believed, that this translates to power for the Democrat Party.

And if you look at polling data you’ll find that most of the illegal immigrants that arrive in this country are big believers in socialism and big government. They are not a natural constituency for the Republican Party. But there is a second reason why the pro-immigration forces on the left want to keep that train of illegals flowing into the country moving. And I don’t think the Republican establishment stopped to think about this. If the Republican establishment is also of the same mind-set on this aspect of it, then I don’t even want to contemplate that.

But what is the second reason? Go back to this affirmative action. We were talking on this program some time ago about it and I made mention of the fact that back in the seventies when I was in Kansas City I did a quasi-talk show. I took phone calls between records because the station was short on its commitment to the community, programming to the community in order to get the license renewed. So they chose me to take phone calls from the public about public, local issues between records, hoping to satisfy that requirement by the FCC for license renewal.

And one night the subject or topic ended up being affirmative action, and I had a number of civil rights leaders who happened to get through that night and made a point telling me that affirmative action was never gonna end. I would ask, “Okay, at what point are you going to be acknowledge that we’ve made amends for what you say are these past transgressions of discrimination and bigotry and whatever against minorities. How much affirmative action needs to happen?”



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