Air Force Explains How It Could Take Godzilla

Oh good. Since under Obama we can’t seem to handle anything, it is good to know we could take Godzilla.
Check it out:

A recent interview with the U.S. Air Force’s 18th Wing at Kadena Air Base in Japan reveals that fans aren’t the only ones preparing for the rebooted release of one of Hollywood’s most legendary and destructive monsters next week.

Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine decided to go straight to the experts to find out how the sky-dominating branch of the U.S. military would deal with a real Godzilla threat.

As the many, many films have shown, the ancient, mutated, dragon-dinosaur-monster-whatever appears largely impervious to ordinary ordinance and conventional weapons, and has frequently been depicted swatting the likes of the Air Force out of the sky like flies.

That being the case, Senior Airman Mark Hermann and Master Sergeant Jason Edwards had some surprising elements incorporated into their strategies.



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