6 Bosses Obama Is Like

Obama is the worst kind of boss: incompetent.
Check it out:

The phrase originated with a video on Saturday Night Live starring Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg, in which the boss of a company (Samberg) demonstrates what a badass he is while relating the events of his day. He accomplishes tasks with aplomb – “like a boss.”

President Obama certainly has performed like a boss. From destroying the US healthcare system to ceding Ukraine to Vladimir Putin, from allowing Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to use weapons of mass destruction to allowing Iran to develop them, from doing nothing about Veterans Administration delays to shying off the IRS scandal, President Obama has been cool as a cucumber.

Here, then, are the top 6 movie/TV bosses President Obama is like:

Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns may monitor all of his employees via camera, but at least he isn’t hacking their emails.

Cosmo Spacely. George Jetson’s boss never stops screaming. He’s really angry. All the time. About scandals he finds out about in the newspapers.



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