The 6 Biggest Lies About Benghazi

When you start to think that Benghazi is being blown out of proportion, just go over this list and you will realize why it matters so much.
Check it out:

On Wednesday, an email emerged from White House in which national security aide Ben Rhodes instructed UN Ambassador Susan Rice – copying President Obama’s entire political team at the White House – that her goal on the Sunday shows following the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi should be to “underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

  1. The Obama Administration Did All It Could To Protect American Personnel in Benghazi.
  2. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Did All She Could To Protect State Department Personnel.
  3. The YouTube Video Was Involved.
  4. President Obama Called The Benghazi Attacks Terrorist Attacks. 
  5. There Was No Political Manipulation of Susan Rice’s Talking Points. 
  6. The Obama Administration Has Been Fully Transparent About Benghazi.

These are merely the lies, not the open questions. The open question include:

  • Was there gunrunning through the annex in Benghazi?
  • Why was there no armed protection for American personnel in Benghazi?
  • Where exactly were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the event, and what did they do to help the men under fire?
  • Why did the Obama administration insist for weeks that a YouTube video had driven the Benghazi attacks?
  • Why didn’t the media care about any of this before the election of 2012?




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