Over 40 Year Traditional Speech From Coach Banned

It is horrible that complaints from a few or even one, can trample the constitutional rights of others. The good people of this Nation need to stand up. The church needs to stand up. That BOE definitely needs to grow a spine.
Check it out:

A tradition is coming to an end this year in Winfield, when the high school has it’s graduation next week. Legendary coach Leon McCoy is not going to speak at the ceremony this year.

“I’m disappointed. I hate to go out this way,” said Coach Leon McCoy, who won’t be speaking at this year’s Winfield High School Graduation.

Leon McCoy has been speaking at Winfield High School’s graduation as far back as he can remember… But he won’t be this year, because the board of education says they’ve gotten complaints that McCoy’s speeches contain too many religious references, and violate the Supreme Court ruling banning prayer in public schools.

“He gives to these kids year in and year out. To see him not be able to speak on their behalf this year is a shock to me,” said a former of McCoy’s Charles Cook.



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