Only 12% Call Obamacare a Success

Who are these liars who say it is a success?
Check it out:

A new CNN poll finds that just 12% of Americans consider the Obamacare program a “success.”

President Barack Obama has pressed fellow Democrats to laud and run on his signature legislative achievement. However, other polls confirm that the law, which has been in effect for over four years now, remains deeply unpopular. The latest Pew/USA Today poll finds just 41% of Americans now support Obamacare. A record 55% disapprove of the law.

The CNN poll found less support for repealing Obamacare; 49% want Congress to make changes to the law, and 12% said to keep Obamacare as is. Of those surveyed, 38% backed a full repeal.

Political analysts say the Obamacare debacle will play a major role in the Nov. 4 midterm elections. Indeed, Democrats are now in a weaker position than they were this time before the historic 2010 Republican victory that resulted in the largest defeat for a first-term president since 1922.



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