The World Depends on Stopping Cow Farts

Environmental wackos really don’t get reality much.
Check it out:

Speaking of global warming, I have it right here in the National Journal. This is the headline. National Journal! This is not some kook fringe operation. “It May Take a Global Vegetarian Movement to Combat Climate Change — It may be impossible to reach the U.N.’s goals without significant changes in global diet, a new study finds.” It’s by Brian Resnick.

“If we really want to cut down on global greenhouse emissions, we’re going to have to do something about cow farts.” That’s what it says, and I am not making this up. They are now looking into the serious reduction of methane, which is what “cow farts” are. It says it right here. (interruption) It’s in the first line of the story in the National Journal. It isn’t me. I’m reading from the news, and they mean this seriously.

This is not a humor piece.

These people are not funny in the Drive-By Media.

Can you imagine…? Take any of the old deans of journalism from the old days. Imagine them saying, “If we really want to cut down on global greenhouse emissions, we’re going to have to do something about cow farts. That’s the conclusion of a study published today in the journal Climatic Change. If we have any shot of reaching the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s global-warming mitigation goals, the world is going to have to start eating a lot less meat.

“Thirty-seven percent of all human-caused methane emissions come from the worldwide agricultural industry. Compared with CO2, methane is 21 times more effective at trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere, according to the United Nations. While transportation and electricity account for more than half of emissions in the United States, the EPA reports that agriculture comprises 8% of all greenhouse-gas emissions.”

They’re dead serious, and there’s no questioning.



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