Will Mitt Romney Really Run Again in 2016?

We have to rally around a conservative.
Check it out:

Stoked by a few recent media appearances and a proposed reunion dinner with his 2012 campaign staff, the rumor mill is wondering if Mitt Romney may try for another run for the White House.

Romney has been making the media rounds, appearing on twelve shows in the last six months. That, along with the recent news that Romney had planned a get-together for his 2012 campaign staff in Park City, Utah, was enough to get tongues wagging.

Romney has been a natural for TV news programs in light of Obama’s total foreign policy failure with Russia and Vladimir Putin. Romney famously noted during the 2012 campaign that Obama’s Russian policy was a bad one. More recently, he wrote a sort of “See, I told you so” editorial for The Wall Street Journal.

But Romney has repeatedly said that he absolutely will not run for president again. This is in contrast to previous election cycles where he demurred from a “yes” or “no” answer until he made a firm decision.



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