Voting against Jeb is an act of love

We need a conservative, not a RINO.
Check it out:

A popular online dictionary offers four definitions for the word “bushed.”

The first is “overgrown with bushes.” The second is “exhausted, tired out.” The third is a Canadian colloquialism meaning “mentally unbalanced as a result of prolonged residence in a sparsely inhabited region.”

Each of these definitions seems to describe the Republican Party’s feeling about the Bush family. If that’s not true and the GOP nominates Jeb Bush for president — the third Bush since 1988 — then perhaps the fourth definition applies: “unable to find one’s direction; lost; confused.”

There’s a case to be made that George H.W. Bush is an underrated president, especially compared to the mediocrities and worse who have occupied the White House in recent years. In fact, I’ve made that case. But Bush 41, like Richard Nixon, mostly combined shrewd foreign-policy dealings with liberal domestic policy achievements.



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