Union Radicals Storm Ladies Room at Wal-Mart

Unions are out of control.
Check it out:

Walmart alleged in a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board that protesters affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers stormed one of its stores in Dearborn, Mich., in November, chased an employee into a ladies’ room and “coercively interrogated” her. At least one of the protesters involved was a man.

As a result of the charges, the NLRB’s regional director for Michigan filed a cease and desist order against UFCW on March 31. The union has until April 14 to respond to the charges.

The complaint involves an incident Nov. 23. A UFCW Local 876 organizer reportedly entered a Dearborn store without permission with 50 to 80 other protesters. The group remained in the store and blocking off its electronics section for 10 to 20 minutes before leaving.

Walmart further alleges about seven women and one man from the group “entered the women’s rest room inside the Charging Party’s Dearborn store, and coercively interrogated an employee regarding her wages, hours and working conditions.”

At press time, UFCW had not responded to a request for comment. A source inside the union did not dispute Walmart’s version of the protesters’ actions but denied that UFCW had directed them to do that.



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