Slacker Mandate: The Real Numbers

Liberals love slackers since that is their base of voters.
Check it out:

But we are a compassionate country, so we’re calling that preexisting condition insurance, but there really is no such thing. It isn’t insurance. It’s something else. And if you termed it something else, would it have the universal support that it’s gotten? Side point.

The second thing that the Republicans said they would never tamper with, the American people want it, is your children being covered by your policy until they are 26. That’s not gonna change no matter if we got our arms around Obamacare, we’re able to get rid of the whole thing, we’re not getting rid of that. Well, the National Center for Public Policy Research has done some research. I mean, that’s what they do. And they have found that the number of young people who can now stay on their parents’ insurance plan until 26 — the slacker mandate we call this. Spoiled kids who don’t want to pay their own way until they’re 27 stay on their parents’ insurance. Well, 3.1 million young adults have not received this coverage via their parents’ insurance.

Here’s the pull quote. And look, this gets into the weeds here. It’s a little deep, of analyzing — the whole story does. But here’s the upshot of this story. “What HHS did amounts to little more than a ‘back of the envelope’ calculation. To really get at how many young adults are newly covered under their parents’ policies would require surveys asking very detailed questions about the source of insurance. It would probably also require more sophisticated statistical analysis that could estimate the impact of the slacker mandate while controlling for other factors such as the economy and Medicaid enrollment. As it stands, all we have is an estimate of the number of young adults who gained coverage via their parents that is unreliable — far too unreliable for major newspapers to be repeating it.”



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