Shooter Brought Handgun Into Gun-Free Zone

Amazing that mass shooting always happen at gun free zones.
Check it out:

Ivan Lopez, identified by authorities as the soldier who opened fire at Ft. Hood on April 2nd, purchased his handgun off base and brought it into the gun-free zone to commit his crime, according to a military officer.

During a nighttime press conference on April 2nd, Lt. General Mark Milley said the soldier used a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun. If brought onto the base the gun was supposed to be “registered on the base;” however, Milley said, “this gun was not registered.”

Milley explained that the gunman was approached by a female officer after the shooting. He then pulled out the gun – which was concealed under his clothing – and took his own life. An unidentified reporter asked about rules regarding carrying concealed guns on base; Milley replied that carrying concealed guns was not allowed.

Another reporter asked if this heinous crime might lead to a change in policy so that soldiers on a military base can be armed to defend themselves. Milley did not indicate any support for changing the gun-free zone policy.



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