RNC Still Lagging in ‘Big Data’ Race

Liberals already have the IRS on their side. You can be sure the NSA is on their side too and helping get the data to all the wrong places.
Check it out:

Though the Republican National Committee has touted its progress in technological advances with analytics and micro-targeting tools after getting trounced by Democrats in 2012, its state-of-the-art tool to target and find voters is not yet operational and may not be until 2016.

That has frustrated local campaigns and party committees that need to find voters and win now, especially because the RNC is trying to centralize the system without having the capabilities to do so, according to a report in The Huffington Post.

In addition, the vendor that runs the system the RNC currently uses for finding voters is the same firm, FLS Connect, that reaped millions in fees from the RNC and Mitt Romney’s campaign during the 2012 election cycle that produced less-than-ideal results.



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