Risk is the Key to Success

Liberals idea of risk is how much government they can put into place before the people throw them out.
Check it out:

Both of these feminist books, the Claire Shipman book and Marlo Thomas book. They’re feminists who have been practicing liberal theology for the past, oh, 40 years. And what have they finally discovered? They need to learn how to risk and they need to learn how to fail. They’re just coming to it, Mike. They’re just now discovering what that means. You and I, you’ve known it all your life, but to them it’s something new. It’s brand new, revolutionary, why, we’ve got to get better at failing, meaning we’ve got to start taking risks. And it doesn’t dovetail with what this administration is putting out. Risk taking is the root of evil in capitalism. Risk taking is what leaves people high and dry. That’s what Obama wants people to believe. I just find it fascinating that several of his acolytes, particularly on the feminist left, all of a sudden now have decided that risk taking is something women need to get better at in business.



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