The Republican Suicide Mission

Once we vote out the establishment and take over the GOP, conservatives won’t have to worry about compromising with liberals.
Check it out:

Let’s get back now to the Republican Party and the suicide mission that they’re on. Again this from the Spokane, Washington, Spokesman Review. “With the news this week that more than 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchange, US Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed.”

Well, slavery was repealed. Prohibition was repealed. Why not Obamacare? “Well, it’s an entitlement, Rush, and we’ve never repealed an entitlement.” Well, I know, but people are only now starting to realize how bad this is. Why didn’t we just reform prohibition instead of repeal it? Why didn’t we just reform slavery instead of repealing it? But somehow we can’t repeal it. You know, the Republican Party, I must tell you, I guess I am a little surprised. Even though I’ve said to you what I’ve said, I guess I miscalculated just how shell-shocked they really are.

I mean, I’ve known they’re shell-shocked. I have known that they’re suffering posttraumatic stress disorder. I have known all of that, but I had no idea how bad it really is. This immigration, forget Obamacare for a second. This pledge to get immigration done by August, are they trying to sabotage their own efforts to win the Senate and hold on to the House? I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers — look, I know. Ruling class, establishment, I’ve said it all myself. I just… you know me, I’m an eternal optimist. I hold out hope that somewhere there is an opposition party or that there is, within the Republican Party, some opposition besides the Tea Party.

Washington Post: “Why Immigration Reform Isn’t The Answer To Republicans’ Demographic Woes.” This is stunning that the Washington Post would publish this. “So, how can the GOP start winning larger shares of non-white voters? Reforming the immigration system might not be the answer. Why not? Because reforming the nation’s immigration laws could very well create a whole bunch of new Democrats, including in some key swing states.”

The hell you say. The Washington Post is saying this! You and I have been on this tear for months, bordering on years now. It’s only common sense why the Democrats want amnesty. They need a permanent underclass. They need to register new voters. They’ve got all the evidence that arriving immigrants are people that believe in Big Government and are more inclined to vote Democrat than Republican. We’ve known this. This is statistically shown. There’s been no question about it.



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