Rand Paul to Republicans: Cool it on the voter fraud stuff

Not very conservative of Paul when we know that liberals are committing fraud at astronomical levels.
Check it out:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said voter fraud should stop, but suggested that Republicans have overemphasized the problem in an interview with David Axelrod Tuesday.

“Dead people do still vote in some elections. There still is some fraud. And so we should stop that, and one way of doing it is (driver’s licenses).” Paul said, according to a Washington Post transcript.

“Although the incidence of fraud is relatively small,” Axelrod responded.

“It probably is, and I think Republicans may have overemphasized this. I don’t know,” Paul responded.

According to the Post, Paul noted that he does support voter ID but unlike some Republicans, who have called for and moved to reduce early voting which often favors Democrats, Paul said he believes that to be a mistake.



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