Racism is a Strategy for Democrats

Liberals are the true racists and when they race bait they show their true colors.
Check it out:

It’s simply a political calculation, a strategy, the whole racist, or racialist is the more accurate way to describe this one. The racialist attitudes that they profess to criticize in people. It’s just a strategy. And they wait in eager anticipation for the next Donald Sterling to show up. They’re not really trying to solve any of this is the point, folks. They’re not trying to get rid of any of this. They play off of it. They live off of it. They thrive on this stuff. They will manufacture it, if they have to.

I try not to mention myself in these things, but there have been two noted occurrences today, and I’m not gonna play the sound bites of ’em. Both of them have been on ESPN and both of them have linked me to Donald Sterling. They’re both: “Just like the NFL banded together to deny the racist Limbaugh the right to own the Rams, so should the NBA get rid of Sterling.” You know what all that’s based on? Fake, made-up quotes started by a lazy reporter in St. Louis who believed a bunch of crock that Media Matters had put out.

There was a fake quote, something I never said. If I had said it I would not be on the air today. It was supposedly I had said something about blacks and slavery and they’d been better off back then than they are today. There were three or four totally made-up quotes that I never said that had appeared in a book that had been published by Media Matters. This guy looked it up, didn’t call me, didn’t check, just ran with it. So these loco weeds that are on ESPN now, these half-baked commentators, they think all that was said, they think it was all true, and this is how it works. This is why they live for these moments.

All of these people on TV are supposedly outraged over what Sterling said, from Jesse Jackson to Sharpton to your average African-American comic. They’re not mad about this. They thrive on it. It gives them an opportunity to advance their political agenda. The last thing they want is for this stuff to ever stop. They’d be put out of business. I gotta find this Jesse Jackson quote where he compared picking cotton to playing basketball. Let me find it, folks. Hang on just second. Reverend Jackson. Number 11. Grab this. This is Saturday afternoon, ESPN, where else? Really.

They’ve got these guys, and there probably have been more than two, there have just been two that I’ve been told about. I’m not gonna play the sound bite ’cause I’m not gonna give these guys any further amplification than they already have. But it was ESPN Sports Center with the anchor Zubin Mehenti speaking to the Reverend Jackson of the Monochrome Coalition about Donald Sterling and his racist remarks to his girlfriend V. Stiviano. The anchor Zubin Mehenti, said, “Doc Rivers, the coach of the Clippers, is African-American. Their biggest free agent acquisition, Chris Paul, is African-American. Reverend Jackson, how do you reconcile Sterling making these comments considering so many people that he is around are African-American and all these players have signed free agent contracts to play for his team?”



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