More Proof of Government School Indoctrination

Why are these school kids even talking about this? They aren’t busy enough with reading, writing, and arithmetic?
Check it out:

We are told, and lefties pretend, that schools are not part of their orthodoxy. That they do not indoctrinate their kids. That conservatives are just hyperbolic and paranoid. That, to put it scientifically, is hogwash.

That kid just recited nearly every lefty, greenie talking point on fracking. Now, if democrats really were the party of science, such wanton disregard for the legitimately factual in favor of the doctrinaire liberal would be just as objectionable to them as it is to us. But of course, they are not, as Ben Domenech highlighted so exceedingly well this weekend.

Liberals are orthodox. They are orthodox about abortion. They are orthodox about global warming. They are orthodox about the minimum wage, poverty, social programs, and healthcare. And they are even more so about fracking. Just today on MSNBC, Touré compared fracking to racism. It is one of their feel good, I’m smart, we hate oil, save the earth theological premises that they consider a moral litmus test. You’re either with us, or you’re with fracking.



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