The Problem in Health Care is Government

Government messes up everything it touches.
Check it out:

I need to take you back to the woman who called and complained that the hospitals are the one getting rich, the hospital costs $8,000 to buy whatever’s necessary for hip replacement.

They charge $33,000 for it. The doctor gets $1,200. I agree, and I start talking about the surgical centers which are alternatives to hospitals. They’re not unionized; the hospitals are. That market came into life and there’s a cheaper option for surgery in a different place than a hospital. But I just want to remind you something.

There are hospitals going broke, too. Hospitals, emergency rooms, primarily. Not only, but they’re really bad. In places where there is rampant illegal immigration, the ERs are closing ’cause nobody pays. It’s easy to blame hospitals, and for some people it’s easy to blame doctors, and for a lot of people it’s easy to blame the insurance companies — and every time you do be you are playing into the hands of the left.

Every time you blame a hospital and put the blame for what’s gone wrong in health care on them or if you put it on the doctors or if you put it on the insurance companies, you know what you’re really doing? You’re saying we need the government to come in and fix it all. The government is why it’s all broken, folks. That’s what gets lost.

Every hospital’s not raping people. Every hospital’s not getting rich. Every hospital’s not just blowing people off left and right. Some of them are going broke, too. What happens when they treat people who don’t pay, who don’t have insurance? People who use their services and don’t pay, the insurance doesn’t pay ’cause there isn’t any — or whatever they need isn’t covered, they eat it. Well, they charge everybody else, but not everybody can pay.

The point is… (interruption) Are you denying that some hospitals are going broke? Are you denying hospitals are going out of business? (interruption) You…? (interruption) The point is, I’m just telling you that we all play into the left’s hands and Obama’s hands. When we start blaming insurance companies or hospitals or doctors, it’s an open invitation for the left to say, “Okay, we’ll fix it! You’re right. Those people suck, but we’re the good people.” The government is the reason the system is broken.



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