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  • Chuck

    Being proud of ob^^^care is like taking a turd out of the toilet and coating it with acrylic enamel and
    mounting it over your fireplace

    • Ann Rand

      Bet Wet – Brain has one in her living room..

  • Ralph

    You know; The Democrats Are Too Stupid To Be In Politics.

    • Charles

      Wonder if her husband is proud of her stupid remarks ???

    • djpala

      The idiots that elect them are the ones that are too dumb to vote !

    • 1S-1K

      Yup. They’re all as stupid as she is. But- not all of them are as creepy as she is.

  • Retired68

    If the Dems are so proud of Obama-care then why don’t they make themselves owners?

    • djpala

      They are so proud of it that they exempted themselves from IT !

  • DOOM161

    So proud that they keep illegally delaying it?

  • f8crusader

    There you have one nutcase interviewing another..Scratching each others backs!@#$%^&*

    • tompro97

      Two real skanks going at it — I don’t know which one is the ugliest!!! If Candy gets any bigger, she is going to need two chairs instead of one — reminds of all those Wal-Martian pictures I keep seeing.

  • Casey Dial

    It really does amaze me how someone like Nancy Pelosi gets re-elected. Boy does that say how dumb, uninformed and out of touch so many Americans are. I am personally ashamed of the American electorate. I’m not saying they are stupid. I’m just saying that they have bad luck when it comes to thinking.

    • Henry L

      The question I have is “did she really get elected?” She has so much money she can buy as many votes as she needs. That is how screwed up the system is.

    • fcutch

      I will say it for you. THEY ARE STUPID. Luck has nothing to do with it. San Francisco is full freaks, just like her

    • Louman

      No they are stupid. Thats the nicest thing you can say about them.

  • hazwop

    Son came home from 3rd grade with a all 1’s on his report card and a big smile. I looked at the report card and then at him and asked what are you so proud of? He said “I got all 1’s that means I am number 1 in my class.” I said” Son, 1 is the lowest grade you can get, 5 is the highest. If you got all 5’s you would be number 1 in your class”. He said “oh,, I had it backwards. I will get all 5’s next time” He got it and the next time he had all 5’s. Pelosi and Reid and Obama don’t get it and never will. They are getting 1’s and think they are doing a fantastic job. Idiots.

    • combatvet52

      That’s a good one.

  • combatvet52

    Their very proud of an illegal process and their all to STUPID oh and i forgot that they are under paid
    wish i had $175 K yearly income they can’t make ends meet TS go get a second job like a good American.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Wonder how proud she will be after the next election? Pelosi and Reid ARE ObamaCare ! After The Anointed One of course.

  • djpala

    Hope old botox face is at home in ‘Sodom’ when the big one strikes & it sinks into the pacific !

  • Retired68

    In reference to my prior post — The Dems I am referring to are the Dems in congress, Like Pelosi adnauseum. They talk big, but they hide themselves when it takes action. They are cowards of everything they try to push down our throats. When they embrace Obama-care themselves then I will join them. God bless the USA! May he show some pity on the Congress of the USA!

  • USARetired

    If the Dumo’s like it so much, they may take it with them when they are out of work!

  • auntdot

    This woman had definitely had WAY TOOO many dye jobs…. it’s finally gotten into her brain… or maybe it was the face lifts??? Either way, the dems stuck us with these loser “leaders” (I’m trying to extend graciousness hoping they will try to emulate since they don’t know how!!). They know it and have to put the smile on the pig’s face.

  • Docs357

    She has to be the most demonic disgusting thing in the publics eye. Hogs make a wide path around her discerning the evil coming if her like a bad stench

    • Virgil Hilts

      LOL! AS I have heard before…calling Pelosi a pig is an insult….TO SWINE!

  • Jean Henri Laprime

    Unless they resort to their usual voter fraud friends like Melowese Richardson and her ilk along with the undocumented, dead and senile elderly who have votes cast by and for them…..

  • Chief47

    Pelosi is about the dumbest (and ugliest next to Feinstein) human being, male or female, on the face of the planet. If aliens ever invaded this planet and ran into Pelosi first, they would immediately head back to their place of origin because they would be certain that there was no intelligence on the earth.

    • David Stovall

      You know Feinstein changed her name: it was spelled Frank – en – stein before.

  • Chief

    Dems are also proud of abortion, homosexuals and potheads.

    • Lon M. Dugan

      And illegal immigrants!

  • RBlakeH

    DemonicRATs are proud of the barf they just presented from the organic crap they consume in the name of “socialism”. Nancy is especially proud of her salt water marsh RATs that the tax payers funded 30 million out of that 787 billion stimulus (remember that one?). So, read the antics of the majority, the dumb, the socialist proud DemonicRATs while sitting on the throne and laughing to help produce their lunch.

  • HarryTheCat

    Uh huh…that’s it Nan!..That’s the winning ticket for the Dems in November, all right! You should round up all the Dems running in November and have yourselves a big ol’ Obamacare Pride Parade! Let the voters know just how proud y’all are about this thing. Yeah, that’ll work!

  • donnieboy1

    I have a question. Is it possible that nancy p & barack o are bed mates. In five years +, I have never read or heard of nancy ever disagreeing with barack, no matter what it may be. To me, that sounds impossible. We all, at one time or another, disagree with our own mates, but nancy & barrack never disagree.

    • HarryTheCat

      That wouldn’t happen unless Nan grew a johnson. Barry goes for the “outies”, not the “innies”.

    • Ann Rand

      she knows better.

  • David Stovall

    Obama is postponing the Obamacare pain like mad before the coming elections. Senators are begging him to stay away during campaigns. More from the pass it to find out what is in it queen. Pass it to find out what is in it is what your doctor tells you about a stool sample.

  • Lloydl333

    Pelosi is PROUD of Obama when he takes a dump. They both and Reid smell like that dump.

  • terrythecork

    I’m starting a campaign for Age Limits on Congressional Members. 70 and your OUT! There are too many Geriatric Fools in both Houses right now…

    70 AND YOU’RE OUT!!!

    • David Stovall

      I am 74 and I resemble that remark.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        You still have your marbles. Nancy is a bargain: 50% off. Mugs McGuiness?

    • Lon M. Dugan

      I agree with you partially. While in a lot of cases, I admire and respect those who have experience and age, it is not necessarily how old you are, but how many years you have been out of touch with reality and been “serving” in Congress. One gentleman has been in Congress since before I was born. Do you actually think he is knowledgeable about how people live in the real world. He knew more when he first went in. I would have more respect for a man who entered Congress at 70 after having lived and worked outside Congress for 69 years. He would bring in years of useful knowledge.

      • Lon M. Dugan

        Example: Ben Carson

  • Mark Kuykendall

    She self-medicates.


    Let this woman claim it. Let her call it affordable until she is blue in the face. Come to think of it she might look better with a blue face. She likes it because it covers her frequent face lifts. If taking money out of peoples pockets and food out of children’s mouth’s and medicine from senior citizens is something to be proud of then Her parents should have availed themselves of an abortion. The moral level of this woman is lower than a snakes belly.


    Just because “one” is elected to the “Senate or Congress, that doesn’t mean “one” is intelligent, or “learned”…….just means that you “won an election”! Ignorance knows no bounderies, & Nasty Pelosi, King Obammy, & Dungey Harry Reid…..are all “good examples” of this “pearl of wisdom”! Throw in some “corruption”, & “VOILA”………You get some Liberals elected to their posts! Bad laws passed, is the end result!

  • TimB

    “7 million people signed up!” Wow! What a success story. Imagine so many people wanting to sign up for Government MANDATED health insurance. Never mind that they would be fined if they didn’t, and that 6+ million of those had been forced off their insurance plan due to ACA, and that a chunk of those haven’t paid the first premium yet, and yet unknown how many will drop coverage after a few months of unaffordable coverage. If this is a success story, I’d hate to see what Ms. Pelosi would call a disaster.

    • Melinda

      Love those crystal balls (Obama will never reach the 7m goal) and facts from no where. Reliable sources say about 1M lost insurance.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        We just you your reliable source is that friend of Harry Reid who said Romney didn’t pay taxes.

      • TimB

        I don’t have crystal balls, Melinda. Facts are very well documented. My reliable sources say 6+ million lost insurance due to ACA disqualifying the health insurance plans that they liked and could afford. Why should the Government be empowered to determine the specs on our health insurance plan?

  • squeak

    What else are you Socialist Democrats going to do, but to praise your ” TRAIN WRECK “, it is YOUR BABY, you are stuck with it,… you can’t play the blame game on the Republicans… A FAILURE, NO matter how you call or see it ! By the way, Pelosi, it is called ” OBAMA CARE”, NOT Affordable Care !

  • Bill

    Remember 16 May, Operation American Spring, the gathering on the Mall in front of the White House.

  • 2Shadow2

    Pelosi is always the best add the GOP could hope for. And virtually every time she opens her mouth. The socialists are running from Obamacare by the droves. They have completely fudged the numbers and only a few haven’t woken up to the fact that is all a big lie or that there will not be enough paying people to cover all the intended recipients. Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was about taking over one sixth of the economy to continue destroying capitalism so socialism replace it. Classic socialism 101 as Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

  • acates11

    She’s either delusional or as big a liar as Obama. I think she’s delusional. If she gets re elected, her district need to be quarantined and a cure for delusional stupidity found.

    • jake55

      Hate to tell you acates11, she could wear a “I heart Stalin” t-shirt, proclaim all business nationalized and promote Obama for lifetime dictator and she would still win her district in a landslide!

  • 2Shadow2

    LOL. The fact that Pelosi is delusional proves nothing more than Pelosi is delusional.

  • Bill

    As Rush called Hillary, “Fema-nazi”, so is Nancy.

  • Works 4 A Living

    I want to see Pelosi in a WWE Wrestling ring. Someone can give her a pile driver (head first into the mat).

  • Sharky

    She is mad – mad I tell you – either that or just plain stupid!!!!!!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Want a second opinion? She is mad as a hatter and stupid.

  • Lon M. Dugan

    What success are they talking about openly embracing. After wasting over $600 million on the federal website, and hundreds of millions more on state websites, they claim to have reached their magic enrollment number. This was done miraculously on the last day of enrollment, even though on the last day the website crashed again for at least another 6 hours. Then when asked about the numbers, such as who has actually paid, how many were young people, how many had insurance before that they were kicked off of, they do not have the answer to those questions. When you consider that Obama has lied about keeping your plan, keeping your doctor, reducing costs, reducing premiums, not adding a dime to the deficit I find it hard to believe that on the last day I should take his word for anything. Since he cannot verify with any proof I can think of no reason why I should believe a word that came out of his mouth. That would include his statement that Obamacare is here to stay! We cannot get rid of this horrible law fast enough!

    • Melinda

      I was helping people sign up last day. It was busy but never crashed. And while a large % signed up not all 7 m. What fantasy worlds you live in.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        Really? And the TV footage with Kate Seby was what? The site was down when they did a live broadcast. I think you are not telling the truth.

      • Jessi

        Thank you for your contribution (sarc) in advancing this epic failure by signing up more people that I, and gainfully employed Americans like me, can support through forced redistribution of wealth under this fascist administration. I don’t live in a fantasy world – therefore, I recognize that our Constitutional Republic is now a fascist dictatorship.

        When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. ~ Ben Franklin

        This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.~ Ben Franklin

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      For months they couldn’t give us the “numbers” yet on the last day they made magic. Good thing this administration has never lied to us.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Everyone with a brain knows that this individual is insane and should be placed into a cage somewhere and never let out. It would take a total moron to want to vote for her at all. I hope that all the commieonazis try to brag about how great ovomitcare is because I think they will be handed the biggest defeat they have ever had.

    • slidenglide

      Not in a cage, but behind bars. Pelosi, Reid, and all of the Democrats that voted for something they didn’t read. In my book that is treason. Congress had given their pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States. What they did was against the Constitution.

  • woofpacker75

    Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18.

    So, we can hope the fires of Hell are visited upon the Democrat party starting this coming November, and culminating in near total destruction of their party in November, 2016.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    And Pelosi says follow the yellow brick road. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  • higgy01

    The space cadet said that 7 million people signed up. What she didn’t mention was that only 1 million fell under the intent of the ACA, the rest were freebys either Medicaid, subsidized or hadn’t paid or were some of those that had perfectly good plans that Obama had cancelled. Pelosi said congress wrote the bill. She could not have been more wrong. No one in congress had a hand in writing the piece of socialist BS. Pelosi said the democrats are proud of the bill; then why are so many running away from it and actually don’t want to even talk about it. Keep in mind that not one republican voted for the bill; it was one hundred percent democrat. Not only that but not one democrat read it before they voted on it.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      If the members of Congress wrote it why did the bill say “MediKaid” I would have “thunk” they could have “spelt” it better.

  • Melinda

    The statistics being quoted by the experts on this blog are not based on facts. But yes, a % of the 7 M did receive a subsidy. That’s evident when you look at the income levels covered. We’ll know later how many were uninsured, how many paid, how many young people. But previously, the doom and gloom was no one would sign up. The 7M does not include Medicaid…that’s an additional 3m.

  • MichaelB

    Do you think the liberal media will ever make a headline about the number who signed up and haven’t paid? It’s estimated to be about 20%. Can’t believe Candy Crowley didn’t bring it up. What a disservice to the public.

  • rchguns

    .When Is the Wicked Witch of the West going to learn to keep her big mouth shut? There’s only one person in Washington who is as stupid if not a little bit more than she is. That’s little Joey Biden let’s face it he makes Dan Quayle look like George Washington

  • jlucas45

    To think that this woman was 3rd in line for the presidency puts chills in my blood!!!

  • MichaelZZ



    Does everyone have an altruistic “right” to health care, and, if so, why?

    Does a society have a pragmatic economic rationale to provide health care for all its citizens?

    PROBLEM: Escalating health care costs, and the insecurities of the populace regarding health care.

    PROVENANCE: Greed, inefficiencies, ignorance, etceteras

    1) Greed includes fraud on the part of providers and patients: controls and severe penalties should be legislated to mitigate.

    2) Inefficiencies include, but are not limited to, inefficient utilization of personnel, equipment and facilities, administrative overhead, and profit motive on steroids.

    3) Ignorance on the part of providers and patients can be mitigated by a massive computerization of information, i.e., the “mind” of the computer is vastly superior to providers and should be made available to patients and providers.

    4) Etceteras to include, but not be limited to, better nutrition, responsibilities and behavior of recipients of health care, and preventative care.

    RESOLUTION: To be determined, subsequent to analyzing the problem


    I believe that the Obama Administration is correct in recognizing that the accelerating cumulative costs of health care in our nation must be addressed.

    Since we know where we are regarding this problem, most energies should be devoted to determining where we should be.

    We must analyze the logistics and economics for the purpose of determining the most efficient and effective method of delivering health care, cost effectively.

    First, a decision must be made as to who will bear the burden of the costs of health care.

    The possibilities include businesses, the recipients of health care services, or the government.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by businesses, the good would be that employees would receive health care at no cost, whereas the bad would be that the costs of providing health care would be included in the costs of goods and services produced, which would necessitate higher selling prices for those goods and services than if there were no health care costs.

    For those businesses that compete against similar businesses in other nations, their ability to compete would be adversely affected versus if they did not have the burden of those health care costs.

    Within a competitive world economy, the United States of America should be considered as U.S.A., Inc. and would be competing against Japan, Inc., China, Inc., et cetera, thus it would make pragmatic economic sense to mitigate costs of goods produced.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by the recipients of health care services, economic pressures would be placed upon businesses to increase employees’ remuneration to enable them to pay for their health care, thus whether the costs are paid by businesses or employees, the cost to produce goods will include the cost of health care.

    If it were determined that all health care costs should be borne by the government, the good would be that all employees would have health care, and businesses would have their costs to produce goods and services devoid of any health care costs, while the bad would be that the government would inherit the obligation to fund these massive health care costs. An incredibly important benefit would be the sense of security of the populace, which would affect all other aspects of their lives.

    The transitioning from where we are to where we should be would cause serious upheavals and dislocations, e.g., employment reconfigurations, but subsequently we will have sophisticated and fine-tuned our current disparate montage of health care to an efficient and cost-effective system for the delivery of health care.

    Our leaders are involved in the process of searching for the correct paradigm regarding the delivery of health care for our nation. Unfortunately, they appear to be in a triage quagmire effort rather than resolving to discover the appropriate paradigm. They are attempting to reconfigure a condemned edifice, rather than tearing down the walls and allowing the light of day to expose truth.

    Economics, rather than politics, religion, et cetera must be the leading factor directing our leaders to the correct paradigm, i.e., where we should be.


    Last modified: 02/25/10

  • Al Barrs

    Narcissist Pelosi didn’t say were all the Democrat politicians are running too if they are so pleased about ObamaCare, since it will cost most of them their jobs come November… They are running away from ObamaCare and Obama the Narcissist like rats leaving a sinking ship…

  • Mathematical certainty

    Poor Nancy, she was torpedoed from the womb and after several years she was subsequently placed in a research laboratory where every attempt was implemented to increase her one-digit IQ to two digits. Having failed at that attempt, she was presented to people in the democratic party with the same one-digit IQ’s. The party rallied behind her and she was elected and reelected to continue her contributions to the gene pool of the democratic party.
    During her years in politics where she voted “yes” for legislation that she had absolutely no clue of the contents, she became very friendly with Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein both who shared identical backgrounds an IQ’s with Nancy. Together they joined forces with their democratic followers and with all of their combined one-digit IQ’s were instrumental in electing “THE ONE” or “THE MESSIAH” (take your pick), as President of the United States of America. And that is the result when Amoebas elect and reelect Amoebas. “GOD HELP US”

  • paulyz

    EVERY Democrat Senator voted FOR Obamacare, and 39 House Democrats Opposed it later Nancy Pelosi you ignorant moron.

  • paulyz

    gary 1224, WHAT? EVERY SINGLE Republican voted against Obamacare. And the Heritage Foundation have ALWAYS OPPOSED it. Quit with the propaganda.

  • Ann Rand

    The difference between Alcoholics and Drunks is that the Drunks don’t have to attend the meetings.

  • Flame

    Here we go again with their statistical wonders! How about all those who lost their coverage? What part of these numbers can she explain and be proud of…how many who have “signed up” paid their premiums (they do not know?). She makes the statement when asked if she read ACA plan, (paraphrasing) “we’ll look at it when it is passed” does that tell us something about her integrity? What will it take for her surrounding colleagues to wake up and kick her out?

    • Ann Rand

      Her colleagues are mirror images of her…. They will never kick her out.. She is PROUD to be on the front line…. She is so filthy rich that nothing matters..So the rest of the sleazoids are letting her take the heat….. Looks like it’s her “turn in the barrel “.. Their goal is to be in the same position , someday.

      • Flame

        Such a pathetic human being as are her “friends”…you are correct Ann…sad.

  • Jessi

    To those commenting on how wonderful obamacare is – I ask you this:

    So how much was your subsidy – that I’m paying for in addition to my own
    premium that has gone up exponentially – since this boondoggle fascist legislation got rammed down the collective throats of Americans?

    [crickets] Since all you have are the unsubstantiated bull$hit progressive talking points….the silence is deafening. More people LOST their health care plans, that they liked, than signed up for this albatross – which will eventually bring the US economy to her knees – unless true conservatives can rescue us from this Charlie Foxtrot.

  • Al Chemist

    Let them continue to talk up Obama Care until this fall. Should be fun.

  • Maggie ‘s Mom

    If Nancy Pelosi thinks it Obamacare is so swell why did she demand an exemption for herself and her staff? Why isn’t she covered under Obamacare like the rest of us. Why do these so-called representatives in Washington still have these Cadillac pension plans? Why aren’t they under social security like the rest of us? Nancy Pelosi is dellusional. She’s probably the most narcissistic woman I’ve ever seen. She gets in front of a microphone and says whatever she wants to say whether it makes any sense to anybody at all. I believe she thinks if she says it often enough that the American public were going to buy it. Well we’re not. She supported Pres. Obamas lie that we could keep our medical coverage and our doctor even though they all-new that we would not be able to do that in the year 2010. She, along with Harry Reid, and many others that are supposedly representing us in Washington have all become millionaires since they’ve been in office. How did that happen? Do they still have insider-trading? That needs to end and we the people have to demand it. Why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi and those in Washington cut their salaries, their expenses and their staffs? We’re dealing with the economy that they created and we’re paying through the nose for everything. 2014 and 2016 elections we will have our say and we will kick people like Nancy Paluzzi to the curb.

  • armydadtexas

    Oh really! So that is why they (democRAT Senators and Reps) are all campaigning on the fact that ONLY democ-RATS voted to force Obumble care on America. A Socialist fraud.. I understand that most of America live in a different reality then Nancy (the Hag) Pelosi. But someone forgot to tell the democ-RAT candidates about Pelosi’s remarks. And according to most democ-RATS Pelosi is the minority leader of the House. The reality is…………democ-RATS are either avoiding the subject of obumble care or campaigning against it.
    Nancy Pelosi…………lie, really, that dillusional witch. Oh come on

  • pupster40

    What a bloody idiot, out of touch and living off the talking points script. The progressives are really proud of the UN affordable I DON’T care act, they can’t run away fast enough.

    • grannylake

      She even screws up the suppossed talking points. If she were my Mom, I would yank her out from in front of the camera so fast she wouldn’t have time to change her expression. Oh that’s right, her face is frozen. That’s the only expression she has.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        Change her diaper while you are at it. She needs a map to find her home district.

      • pupster40

        Or mummified, stuck in the DUH mode. Although she wears enough makeup to to sink a fleet of ships.

  • Carmen A.

    Nancy keep embracing it out of Office.

  • Chuck

    Over one trillion dollars of taxpayer money have been wasted on a health system that doesn’t work, is very expensive, and has caused millions of people to lose their health insurance. Pelosi exempted all her friends and has no idea how many people signed up, or how many are paying

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Bingo. How many members of Congress are subject to this wonderful “gift” they gave the American public?

  • Dennis

    She talks about those alleged 7 million people that “chose” Obamacare as if it were a nationwide mandate. That number is meaningless. How many really wanted Obamacare and how many had no choice? That number is hardly an overwhelming majority…in fact it is a very small number of Americans. Asking Pelosi for an opinion on what American need and want is like asking the sanitation crew what they think of America’s eating habits! All she does is shovel garbage all day and doesn’t really have a clue about what is what!

  • davesnrakleberger

    I am serious as a heart attack when I question whether or not Pelosi has a grasp on reality. I think she is clinically mentally disabled and would like to have her examined by a competent psychiatrist. I think she is dangerous in her detached state. At best she is stupid but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and allow that she has serious mental health issues, along with Reid.
    Is there anyone in either party that would sponsor a bill to require a mental screening of potential representatives, senators, and presidential candidates.

  • bkNH


    • Chiron_Venizelos

      No, Pelosi’s not brain dead. Not at all! She’s a cunning and hate-filled sociopath who can lie straight faced as well as Reid, the Clitnons, or 0bama ever could.
      It is DANGEROUS to allow yourself to think they’re just stupid–they are as savvy as a serpent.

    • Arizona Don

      Don’t we all wish we could tell her that to her face.

  • grannylake

    All of that skin tightening has damaged her little pea brain. And that’s doesn’t even take consideration of her advanced senility. How absolutely embarrassing! She’s such a bad joke.

  • Gene Stone

    Of course, Candy Crowley was just eating that up.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Candy would eat anything not nailed down. I hear she carries a whole lot of weight in Dem circles.

      • Chiron_Venizelos

        Candy carries a whole lot of weight wherever she goes.
        I’m upset about the Repubikans soiling their fingers with a modification to 0bamacare that was hidden in the recent Medicare package they passed. Here’s the deal:
        The Repubikans fixed 0bamacare so doctors would receive higher compensation and so business owners wouldn’t have to pay as much as they originally would have–guess where the shortfall will be made up?
        You guessed it! It will be confiscated through payroll deduction!
        Now, doesn’t that just make your day?

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        I don’t know if that is a fact but I do know 2 Doctors that are retiring. There are close to 30 new surprises coming in the next few years under this “law” Check out how much the government gets if you sell your home.

      • Chiron_Venizelos

        Thanks for the heads up about the government skimming from the sale of homes. It’s rotten to the core that they do this!
        True that some doctors are retiring and that the Repubikans upped the ante on the docfix, BUT they also helped out their fatcat big business types by putting part of their share on the shoulders of the peons who work for them. THAT’S what really grabs me.
        Now the Repubikans have their hands soiled by 0bamacare and they’ve lost their political edge on the matter by selling the Middle Class out.
        This is wrong, my friend; this is VERY wrong. We have NO ONE defending our interests.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        You just gave me my homework assignment for tomorrow. I will definitely attempt to research it. Without knowing anything about this; Did Boehner and Johnnie Boy have a hand in this?

      • aschark

        Chiron, the Democrats use dependence as their base, aka, welfare, food stamps, etc. Would you rather work for your living, or have the government take care of you? Our Poverty Class is growing, and the Middle Class is shrinking. Why you think the GOP sold out the Middle Class is hard to understand, unless you actually listen to what the Dems put out (the old lady in a wheel chair over a cliff, no education for children, etc.). You have to remember, that the POTUS lied to the whole Country about ACA – “If you like your health plan, you can keep it….” Is that OK? F&F OK? Benghazi OK? IRS OK? NSA OK? Taxes, they are not only OK for the Dems, they will tax your taxes. We have the US Constitution that the Dems are attacking, but they’re not getting there. Yet. The First Amendment (Mark Dice will tell you about Freedom of Speech); Second Amendment, disarm the Country? Too much of a problem for them, so they will give the gun control, and its enforcement , to the UN – along with the US internet rights; Wait until they mandate that you purchase bonds. If you don’t , they will reach into your 401K and/or pension for the purchases.
        I hope, by November, the people of this Country will see where our POTUS is taking it. Margaret Thatcher said it right: The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you will run out of other peoples money.”

      • Chiron_Venizelos

        I would never side with the Democraps on the matter–please never think that! Why I know the Repubikans sold out the MC is that they snuck a device in the Medicare bill that reduces the monies paid for 0bamacare by business, and put it on the shoulders of the MC! But, let’s delve a bit deeper to understand other ways the Repubikans are trying to destroy the MC:
        You have Graham, McConnell, Grassley, Corker, and numerous other Repubikans pushing for amnesty.
        Over time, the influx of cheap labor decreases the wages the MC earns. It’s simple economics my friend. When you have 100 apples you can demand a high price for them; when you have 100,000 apples you must sell them cheap before they rot.
        Then, you have programs to educate the criminal aliens, which prepares them to take increasingly better jobs–jobs perhaps like YOURS, only for much less than you earn.
        It’s progressivism, which stems from the Fabian Socialist model.
        And it stinks!

      • aschark

        Chiron, we’re talking about whether a glass is half full or half empty. I understand exactly what you’re saying, but I have reserves on that. The Dems are slipping, and more slips to come. MC IS the business class. They are the .entrepreneurs that makes this Country run. Regarding amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens, that could mean a huge influx in the voters, for either the Dems or the GOP. Oh, they can’t give them the right to vote with their amnesty,or can they? He does have a pen and a phone. 2014 is lost for the Dems, but amnesty, with a vote, could mean another Dem POTUS in 2016, to continue Obama’s agenda.
        I’m a little sensitive regarding illegal aliens. My parents and I came to this Country the right way. After 5 years, my parents made their citizenship. I was 12 when I made mine. With the illegals, if they register with the government, let them become citizens, but with a 10 year wait to vote, or no voting privilege at all. They did come here illegally, but now, with amnesty, the illegals will become legals, and will be covered with Obamacare. In time, who will they vote for? The Party that did the most for them to put them on their road to citizenship. Now who will pay for the newcomers in Obamacare? The MC of course. Oh, if that’s too much of a load for the MC, the government will subsidize the newcomers. And where will the government get the money to pay for that? Taxes, of course. And who will they tax? The MC of course – a viscous circle. Obama, et al, has put this Country into a very hard position to recover from.

      • Chiron_Venizelos

        The story of your immigration sounds remarkably similar to my own. We know the insult of blanket amnesty for the criminal aliens. We, too, have seen how it worked out when Reagan and Bush signed approvals for blanket amnesty; the Democraps co-opted them and the Repubikans were left wearing their dunce caps.
        Today, I am suspicious of blanket amnesty deals and know it’s the fastest way possible to build an oligarchy, and this is THE goal of ALL progressives–BOTH in the Democrap and Repubikan camps!
        There is NO way I can support ANY proponent for amnesty–be they Repubikan or Democrap–and consider ALL Repubikans who would do so (knowing, as I do, the end result) to be my enemy. THIS is why I have turned in my “Repubikan Partly” card and call myself an Independent. I patently refuse to vote for a RINO.
        You are absolutely right about one thing: Mr. 0bama AHS put this country into a very hard position from which to recover but he’s had LOTS of help from the Rpeupikans!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Question: Does it balance? Nancy “It’s about growth” Translation: The Dems are going to grow the debt and deficit AGAIN if they get their way. Has this woman no scruples? Is her husband getting that rich off the taxpayers that she just does not care?

    • boughtat 16

      Oops, deficit is falling, more people working than in 2008. Hopefully something goes wrong with the economy, or the House can close the government down before the election or loyal American Conservatives won’t get their landslide.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        “…deficit is falling…” What does that mean? We aren’t spending ourselves into oblivion as fast as before? “More people working than in 2008?” I must be reading different stats. The debt concerns me. Opinion?

      • boughtat 16

        ” All of the net job growth in March occurred in the private sector, which now has exceeded its employment level in December
        2007, when the most recent recession began. The private sector
        lost 8.8 million jobs during the labor market downturn and has
        gained 8.9 million since the employment low in February 2010.
        However, government employment is down since the recession began
        (-535,000), and therefore total nonfarm employment remains below
        (-422,000) its December 2007 level.”
        I got that from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2014 report that just came out.Where are you getting your information? Is it recent?
        In my opinion, the debt matters. However right now the interest on that debt is almost zero. Any good business person who could borrow money at that rate would seriously consider borrowing money and investing it in something that had a better return than zero. If the government was a business, and valued it’s citizens as assets, it might put them to use by borrowing money for projects that would have a return better than zero. What was the return that the Government got on the Grand Coolie Dam? Or the Tennessee Valley Authority? Most of the debt, almost half, is for the wars, two thirds of the rest was to bail out the banks, a little went to feeding the unemployed. The unemployed would rather work than take a hand out in my opinion.

  • John OMalia

    The same pride when you see your child going to the potty for the first time all by himself. By the way in spite of the pride it still stinks.

  • shannon853

    yeah right, just like bin laden was of the work he did! traitors usually are proud of what they do.

  • tompro97

    Wonder if she has ever pulled that giant gavel out of her azz yet!!!! She and all the Dems were so proud of themselves, and now they have destroyed the country’s health system and most of the government as well. The day of retribution will come for the demagogues, and they will greatly regret what they have done to the USA.

  • Get Real

    Thanks San Francisco for foisting this ;loser moron on the rest of what was once a great country…Just waiting for the San Andreas to take care of the liberal swamp called San Francisco…

    • Arizona Don

      You are not alone!

  • barb patton

    I wonder what Pelosi’s children and grand children think of her maniac ravings and slobbering at the mouth? I furthermore wonder if she wears an adult diaper because she must dribble with excitement every time she opens her mouth. God help America. Time she went to push up daisies….

  • Standandfight

    If she is so proud of it then she should have been the first one to sigh up for it. Instead of saying it was good enough for the trash but not for the elite government.

  • Arizona Don

    They should be they own it. No conservatives voted for it and none supported or now support it. In either the long run or short run it is a catastrophe happening now.

    • parlayer


  • Peter Furman

    Obama Care is a Fraud,a Scam and it’s all on “Videotape” for those who doubt that this sociopath and the rest of the like minded sociopaths who betrayed their oaths of office,who have committed dozens of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”,who defrauded all of the American people who believed Obama,Pelosi,Reid and the vermin who bribed,extorted,threatened to “pass Obama Care “without a vote” are and will be forever remembered for the absolute Tyranny they have wrought and the “Absolute Failure” of the system of “checks and balances” the Law to honor their “sworn” oath to defend and enforce the Constitution from day ONE!
    This country is “Bankrupt”! 50 million people are taking Food Stamps to survive! Millions and millions of Americans are unemployed,underemployed,stripped of their dignity,their present,their future as THIS is the FIRST generation that has Failed to pass on “the American Dream”,a better life, the Freedoms,the Opportunity,the inalienable,G-D given rights that so many millions of “legal” immigrants risked everything.shed their “Blood,Sweat and Tears” to build,to defend and too often Die so the Legacy of our Constitutional Republic would live on FOREVER!
    You want to see PROOF of what Tyranny was/is,what a pathological liar looks like sounds like, a self anointed lunatic who is SO Proud of Obama Care but who,along with the corrupt politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle have “Forced” on Americans but NOT THEMSELVES!
    “You can Keep your healthcare if you want to”,”you can KEEP your doctors if you want to””,Obama Care will insure 30-45 Americans WHILE REDUCING the Deficit,offering Quality healthcare for at least $2,500 less all of which are pathological lies,a crime against those who BELIEVED and especially the Three Branches Of Government who are ALL complicit in the “Greatest” Fraud in American History!!

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    Nancy…are Harry, Chuck and you covered by ObummerCare?

    • Get Real

      Would prefer their coverage to be marble…

  • AlRetd

    And Hitler was proud of Auschwitz.

  • joepotato

    Of course Nazi Pelousey would be proud to introduce Fascism into the USA…. That’s what the progressive agenda is about… CONTROL…. :-(

  • Lightning Bolt

    Anything to steal and give to the Illegal’s just for there vote,.

  • JDUSN1

    My god the moment you feel this moron has reached the ultimate in stupidity she goes another step towards total oblivion . If we do not halt this insanity this country will be in a revolution , and believe it the left wing will be the target to destroy.

  • NPC

    Stupid is as stupid does. And no, you can not fix stupid. They’re beyond repair. They pride themselves in their stupidity. ‘Best to try to ignore these mouthpieces, but focus on the things we need to fix, that they are so proud of. And fix it we will.

  • PaPatriot

    Lives in a ‘dream world’ just like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


    The LYIN” QUEEN…IGNORANT ARSE… could go on and on… What a piece of “work” she is???


    WHOA… almost forgot Candy Crawler… fattenin’ hog bimbo… so-called reporter/journalist/partisan witch

    • Rick

      Speaking of witch, they can’t find a broom big, or strong enough for crowly to fly.

  • alio

    Ding-ding-ding… someone please get the phone, duh!

  • George Bleick

    What a horse’s a$$!!! SHE’S PROUD OF IT?????

  • popham

    Poor old, old, old (74 years old) Nancy Pelosi.
    Her revelation and comeuppance on Obamacare will manifest itself on Nov. 4th., when the
    majority of American voters, especially those severely impacted by the ACA will vote these
    despicable Democrats out of office….including her….hopefully.

  • saddlebroke

    Totally delusional!!!!!!

  • observing57

    Dingbat, heading back to hell.

  • deseartu1

    Stop the lies please! There are 53 million in total without coverage, you have not proven one thing if these people have all paid Next the younger so called sign ups are still on mom & dad plans till they are 26! Then they are boasting Medicaid – HELLO I’m sure they are unemployed still or recently laid off and have no choice but to be somewhere! I have never heard a bunch of more crap out of this wackos mouth! So we are still back to the original 47 million when this mess all started – are you people still so stupid that you can’t even add?

    • boughtat 16

      You are right, instead of this convoluted insurance plan they should have simply extended Medicare to all US citizens. It would have saved billions in wasted ink, and cut costs across the board.

      • bmoc

        Ahhh, but imagine how much money the Dems can waste by putting so many on medicaid by extending it to so many. 90% of the people recently enrolled in an ObamaCare plan in Florida are getting subsidies averaging $2900 each. Overall, this is costing the government over $1 trillion this year. How long will it be until the government folds and no one will get anything? No ObamaCare, no Food Stamps, no heating assistance, no free phones, no welfare at all! Sometimes people get what they deserve.

  • Paul Brown

    I am glad they are proud of what they have done to the American people with their abortion of a health care plan that is destroying peoples lives to day and put many hundreds of thousands of people out of work also. Come November we are all going to remember what they did and who it was. These idiots can only dream about 7 million people signing up for it, that is never going to happen. They have lied about how many signed up for that crap right from the first day.

    • bmoc

      Strange how ObamaCare’s initial goal was to get everyone insured, but now that its implementation is complete, fewer people than ever have health coverage.

      • Paul Brown

        So very true, very true.

      • Paul Brown

        You are very right, once everybody got a look at this so called coverage, no body wanted it anymore. I have heard from so many people that took the coverage and found the costs are to much and they just aren’t getting the so called coverage they did before and everything is designed to protect and save the insurance company money and cost you more for less. I have the same Medicare supplement policy I’ve had for years now, and this year they don’t want to cover anything. I went to the hospital and they sent a bill to me to pay when the insurance always covered that part and said so in the policy, now they are denying the claims and saying they don’t cover maintenance any longer either. So I’m paying for a policy that doesn’t cover anything any more now.

  • patches64

    If obamacare is so great why are they all exempt from having it?

    • bmoc

      … and why has Obama delayed its implementation on the masses so many times? The answer is obvious.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Why does ANYONE intercourse (excuse me, I MEAN INTERVIEW) that twit!

    • bmoc

      It was Candy Crowley, the one who interjected herself into the presidential debate, saving Obama from the truth.

  • trader-bob

    I’m proud too, of every turd I flush!

    • Rick

      I hope that each one has nancy’s name on it Bob.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    First of all Pelosi is so dam two faced that its hard to the point the direction she is going, “Forward or
    Backwards” There was once a wise Indian man whom stated to a pioneer man to believe nothing that he heard and only half of what he saw and he would be better off, then he scalped him, And that’s the
    very same treatment that Pelosi has given to the People of California, she’s just two faced. !

    • bmoc

      Kalifornians elected her. They got what they asked for.

  • boughtat 16

    It’s the law of the land, time to get used to it. There is no way people will put up with the disruption of a major change again, and no way people will put up with losing their guarantee to access to health care that the law provides. That said it does need a lot of fixing, and that is what should come next. How about capping insurance overhead at 15%? Medicare works just fine with a 4% overhead, so private business even with the higher wage cost should be able to come closer to that. The 20 states that opted out need to step up and allow their unprotected population to have access. In 10 more years people will be ready for single payer and the costs can really be brought under control.

    • bmoc

      Insurance companies are already operating under a cap on their profits. Where have you been? With the onset of ObamaCare, the Democrat Party will cease to exist after the 2016 election.
      BTW, ALL laws can be repealed, especially ones as unpopular as ObamaCare is. All the GOP needs is control of the Senate and the Presidency. Unfortunately, that won’t come until 2017.

      • boughtat 16

        bmoc, what is the cap? Before ObamaCare most of the insurance companies were over 30% with only less than 70% going to “health”. If the law gets voted out will anything replace it? I’m just asking because I just got a plan after being refused for preexisting condition (cancer treated many years ago, cured, ect. but on my records) even though I’m healthy. Every time I went to doctor I paid more because they pass cost of discounts to health plans on to cash customers, a real rip off.

    • joe

      Lefties( BHO) say global warming will kill us all by then.

    • Laddyboy


  • loofasiamabo

    I am pretty sure pelosi may have a malpractice suit after her last face-lift. It appears the surgeon, while stretching the old hide, inverted pelosi and stitched her lips over her sphincter because on this subject she is decidedly talking out of her @ss.

    • bmoc

      A doctor can stretch the skin of a 74 year old so far. This was the last face-lift.

    • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

      I thought her lips look bigger ,I thought it was too much Botox but I think you are right!

  • terrythecork

    70 AND OUT!!!

  • ABBAsFernando


    • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

      Karma’s stupid sister!

      • ABBAsFernando


  • joe

    Yeah….proud of Benghazi ,Doubling Nat’l debt, Solyndra , Fiskar,Fast & Furious,high un-employment, all time high gas price to name a few. The really sad thing is you have done your absolute BEST.

  • pysco

    I would be embarrassed if the whole nation knew I voted on a bill without reading it.

    • Laddyboy

      I agree with you. Where is the gray matter? I believe they have had a leak out of their noses. Everyone of these IDOTS who voted for this “illegally substituted obamacare bill in place of the House approved Veteran’s housing bill” needs to be considered a traitor. How can these “lawyers” pass a bill without reading it? This is and excuse for these Co-conspirators along with ‘obama’ to try to “Fundamentally Transform” America into a socialist ‘muslim’ controlled country. It is time to boot these impostors out of the White House. The March on Washington will begin on the 16th of May 2014. Come and join the American People who want a return to the Constitutionally ran United States of America.

      • Nancy Hirn

        Thank you Laddyboy…I encourage voting for the true Conservative candidates and they are out there..There were 3 former veterans running in the Primary and 1 lost out. He may run against Kirk when his time is up. The name is Doug Truax. Look him up. Also Larry Kaifesh in Dist. 8 who is running against Tammy. and Schimpf who is running against Lisa Madigan.

  • joe

    Poor Nanny …..her Depends are overflowing again.

  • T. Copps

    Somebody wound Pelosi up and told the witch to talk.. she doesn’t even know what she is saying.

  • Kaiser

    Obama said,”It’s the law of the land”. Well Mr. Selfie, the law can be changed or eliminated. Remember, slavery was the law, no blacks could vote or go to college was the law, women couldn’t vote was the law. Shall we go back to those laws, mr. Obama?

  • paulrph1

    Is this seven million who have signed up for Obamacare like the other truth we have head like the reason for the Benghazi incident. Some video which no one ever heard of that was the cause of the killing?

  • Michael J. Fell

    Yeah, and the Nazis were proud of “cleansing” Europe of the “Jew problem.” What’s your point botox?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Not saying that Nancy is suffering from dementia, but it sure sounds like it.

  • Ann Rand

    I noticed that she was talking to the FAT COW Candy Crowley….. That is two road- kill vultures sticking together.

  • fished

    pelosi u r one demented brainless idiot old scum bag go retire in the swamp

    • 094870

      HAY ! ! DON’T SEND HER DOWN HERE TO La. That would make all of our wild life die off.

  • Webb

    Pelosi…”ObamaCare is The Law of The Land”! Democrats Voted This Bill Into Law and No One Else! In November 2014……Americans Need To Vote On this Now Projected Law Of $2 Trillion Dollars by The CBO…….Thats affected all Americans, By High Financial Cost And Less Medical Care, By Voting Out as Many Progressive Democrats as Possible…Your Choice America…You Choose Your Medical Care or The Federal Government Chooses Your Medical Care!!

    • Nancy Hirn

      Yes, and the Dems want to be exempt from it too!

  • william g munson


  • mathis1689

    Pelosi is dumber than a blithering idiot and she proves it every time she opens her mouth.

    • Nancy Hirn

      en would make a good couple!

      • Nancy Hirn

        I agree…she and Biden would make a good couple!

      • mathis1689

        Maybe they can get the Dear Leader to perform the ceremony! After all why not? He’s in favor of so-called same sex “marriage” so why not polygamy as well?

      • Nancy Hirn

        Really! Leave it to the liberals…and then they don’t want to have anything to do with it…but force it on the backs of the citizens of this country!

      • mathis1689

        Force being the operative word since no one in their right mind wants any part of this nonsense.

    • Nancy Hirn

      I agree!

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    This woman has no sense of what is going on or how to do it. Blithering idiot doesn’t even come close to describing her. She needs to be institutionalized until they can get her a brain transplant. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

    • Goober

      Brain Transplant!? Oh, please no!! I can’t stand to look at…at… Well whatever it is, anymore.

      • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

        I understand the issue of actually looking at the Neanderthal woman that still breathes but I was just trying to give hope to the downtrodden. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

    • seashell

      Si Vis, Thanks for serving. Re: Pelois, you are right about her lack of intelligence, but it takes very little in the way of brain power to lead a bunch of no brains. It amazes me why ANYONE with any awareness would vote for Obama, Pelosi, or Harry Reid for a second time!!! A mistake can be understood and forgiven the first time but a second time? NEVER!

  • depaz

    She would know all about “ideological manifestos”. That pretty much sums up “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” Obamacare. I think she really believes she’s going to be back in Boehner’s chair. . .

  • Lancer69

    I’m glad to hear that the Dems are so proud of Obamacare. If they are as proud of it, as Pelosi seems to think, then every Dem in congress should stand up and make this a part of their re-election campaign. They should loudly announce in their campaign ads, “I proudly voted for Obamacare and whole heartedly stand behind it 100%!”

    • Goober

      WOW!! I would love to see that ! LOLLLLLLL
      Sorry but I’m laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair.

  • Spoony

    That’s ridiculous! Proud of a failure!

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      And so is the devil.

      • Spoony

        Ya got that right!

    • theronald

      Nancy is a certifiable lunatic.

      • 094870


      • Spoony

        Nancy should be retired! She should be home writing a book on how to avoid sticking your nose into everyone else’s business!

      • Nancy Hirn

        Are you talking about me, Dan?

      • Spoony

        Good heavens no! I was talking about Nancy Pelosi!

      • Nancy Hirn

        THank you!

      • Spoony

        You’re welcome! :)

      • Nancy Hirn

        I don’t think so!

      • theronald

        Sorry, I should have specified which Nancy. The ONLY Nancy to whom I was referring was that Californian Nancy Pelosi certifiable lunatic.


    If NASTY NAN Pelosi had a brain she would be dangerous, if odumbacare is so fantastic why aren’t the demoCRAPS knocking down the door to enroll in the crap. Nancy Pelosi would lie even if the truth sounded better.

  • Term Limits

    That’s like a group of bank robbers being proud of the heist they just pulled off. They are always proud of themselves every time they force something through that “We the People” did not want. A liberal’s first response is to lie about it. Rule number one is never tell the truth about what you are doing. they tell us what we want to hear, then force their agenda through anyway. Unfortunately, the real stupidity lies in the fact that she keeps being re-elected. This is a case where term limits would overcome stupidity. Nah, that makes too much sense.

  • Goober

    Yeah, 7 million have signed up, one way or another they have been signed up. What their not telling us, is that more than half are NOT paying customers, and the ones that are paying are not getting the health care they would have gotten if they had signed up before the new obamacare law went into effect. In Mexifornia, ALL and I mean ALL of the homeless have been signed up, they pay nothing, ALL of the illegals (willing to come forward) have been signed up, they’re not going to pay either, why should they? Their illegal, no S.S. Numbers don’t pay. All of the Low Income have been signed up, ( without being asked) They will pay very little if they pay anything. Now the question is; “Who Is Going To Pay The Bills”?

    • 094870


  • scientist5

    Liars – liars – liars. Crooks – crooks- crooks. Need I say more!

  • wired2comment

    ONE word sums this up DELUSIONAL

  • gbandy

    OK Nancy Name them? We will make double sure they lose in the elections.

  • seashell

    First) Without confirmation it will be extremely hard to BELIEVE this woman or Obama about 7mil signing up for Obama care! The have lied about EVERYTHING concerning this “law” (?) In fact they have lied about EVERYTHING! Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid are the very worst in government, ie., “If you can’t argue FACTS, smear your opponant!” (Alinsky’s playbook) They use it all the time. Second) Clearly the people are attuned to the hypocricy from this administration and those whom we sent to Washington to REPRESENT “We the People” who have only played the political card and voted for the president, pelosi and reid, will have to GO!