Obama’s Failures Have Made Millennials Give Up Hope

Part of growing up is realizing that liberalism doesn’t work. Literally.
Check it out:

You know, moving on to something serious here. In recent days, in the recent past, we’ve talked here about the Millennials, people that are basically 21-34. One of the things I am hearing or fear has happened is that, as Obama continues to break promises and Obama continues to wreak havoc on the economy and basically destroy the foundations of the American dream — which is what he’s doing — that young people, who, by virtue of their age, have no living experience with conservative victory, won’t know it. You and I do.

Those of you who were alive in the eighties, we have a memory of a conservative victory, and eight years of it. We know. But people that are 21 don’t, 25, no idea. To them, conservatism is nothing more than a theory. It has no real-life dominance or victory in a lot of people’s lives. So these young kids, they just all signed on to Obama in 2008. And they signed on to Obama for the reason young kids sign on to any liberal Democrat. Utopia. It’s gonna be cool. There isn’t gonna be any confrontation. There isn’t gonna be any unhappiness. It’s gonna be the perfect American novel: boy meets girl, they live happily ever after, the end.

No conflict, no confrontation, no death, no disappointment, no sadness, no failure, nothing. Obama was gonna bring all of that, which is what every young person wants. Well, Obama’s failed miserably. But rather — and this is the thing that upsets me and has concerned me for a while — rather than blame Obama, they’re just losing faith in the country. They’re just thinking America’s over. They’re just thinking America’s best days are finally behind us. There is no great American dream in my future, they’re saying. They don’t blame Obama. They blame the system. They blame the country. They blame whatever.

And there’s a story in the New York Times: “Obama Effect Inspiring Few to Seek Office — Eric Lesser was shaking hands with diners in a Portuguese restaurant last week when he spotted the owner of Manny’s TV & Appliances. ‘Oh, I’ve got to get a picture,’ Mr. Lesser eagerly said, draping his arm over Manny Rovithis, whose low-budget commercials have run for decades in Western Massachusetts. Mr. Lesser’s giddiness about meeting the local celebrity had not faded when he sat down for lunch. ‘Awesome,’ he said.



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