Obamacare Exchange ‘Cover Oregon’ Collapses in Failure

Just like what will happen to all things liberal.
Check it out:

Breitbart News and others have chronicled the “Unmatched failure” that Cover Oregon has now officially become. As was pointed out on March 20 of this year, “The Oregon Obamacare exchange has received $305 million in taxpayer-funded federal grants, spent $160 million on its busted website, dropped $10 million on hipster promotional ads, erroneously enrolled 4,000 illegal immigrants in full Oregon Health Plan coverage contrary to federal law, and has not enrolled a single Oregonian online.”

Oregon was even given “a $48 million “early innovator” grant for states whose exchanges were intended to serve as models for the nation.” While the money was spent, clearly, that promised was never fulfilled.

State officials may finally be coming to grips with the idea that they have failed completely. It looks like the exchange will be closed down and turned over to the feds. Perhaps fittingly, the White House’s favorite exchange will be turned over to the White House.



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