Obama Promises to Get to the Bottom of the Ft. Hood Shooting — Just Like He Got to the Bottom of Benghazi

What lies will Obama tell to get his gun agenda passed?
Check it out:

Well, President Obama says he’s gonna get to the bottom of the Fort Hood shooting, just like he got to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. He’s gonna get to the bottom of what happened at the Fort Hood shooting. Don’t worry. Obama will protect us all. Obama is gonna get to the bottom of what happened, when he finishes this fundraiser, and then the next fundraiser, where he’s gonna complain and moan about Republican money in campaigns. He’s not gonna be worried, though, about Ron Burkle money or David Geffen money or George Soros money. He’s only gonna be worried about Koch brother money.

This is not supposed to happen at all because the government’s making the laws. Or not, as the case may be. We keep looking for the wrong people to fix things like this. Whoever is in charge of this rule that nobody on an Army base can bear arms, sorry, that just defies common sense. It’s just absolutely silly. It’s totally reactionary and it’s rooted in the belief that if take guns away from everybody that you’ll get rid of gun violence. And here’s the second, the third, the fifth, the 15th, the 20,000th incident where we disprove that.

Take guns away from everybody and we’re not supposed to have any gun incidents, are we? And yet people who intend to get guns and do harm with them always seem to find a way, whether there’s a law against it or not. Mental health laws, we’re supposed to have laws that would stop this insane guy from doing this, or this disturbed guy from doing this. If he’s disturbed he doesn’t even know what the law is and he doesn’t care what the law is. The law doesn’t stop anything from happening. The law doesn’t prevent murder. The law doesn’t prevent bank robbing. The law doesn’t stop anything. It’s a moral marker. It’s a social marker. It’s a mechanism for meting out punishment, and in some cases it’s a deterrent, but not very often.



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