Obama Now Causing Major Fracking Problem

Obama has been nothing but a problem.
Check it out:

The Obama administration’s brand-new strategy to regulate methane emissions in its fight against so-called global warming is, in effect, an attack on the fracking industry, and could have profound consequences on America’s energy security.

In its newly released study, titled “Climate Action Plan: Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions,” the White House seeks to reduce methane gas emissions from four sources, landfills, coal mines and agriculture, along with oil and gas point sources.

Dairy farmers and cattle ranchers were quick to respond to the report. These groups are fearful that the “voluntary strategies” to reduce methane emissions by 25 percent by 2020 in dairy farms and feed lots will put additional burdens on these industries and drive some smaller operators out of business. Americans will see the effects with even higher meat and dairy prices at the market.

The U.S. Food and Agriculture Organization states that cattle emit enough methane in a day to equal what a car consumes during the same period. Cattlemen, however, wonder if trying to mitigate cow belching and flatulence is really the best use of taxpayer dollars.



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