Obama Fails at Hashtag Diplomacy

Wow. How sad is it that this is what Obama thinks diplomacy is?
Check it out:

The Obama administration using Twitter to show public support for Ukraine and to negotiate with Russia after the annexation of Crimea is sparking another round of accusations about the president being soft on foreign policy.

The most recent criticism followed a tweet late Thursday by State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“The world stands #UnitedforUkraine. Let’s hope that the #Kremlin & @mfa Russia will live by the promise of hashtag,” she posted.

The tweet apparently was in response to Russia using the hashtag — which essentially brings like-minded tweets into collective batch — to further its own agenda on social media.

“Note to the State Department: ‘The promise of a hashtag’ isn’t going to make [Russian President] Putin pull out of Ukraine,” Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted Saturday.



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