Obama Bans Junk Food in Schools

How about Obama get out of schools and let parents decide what their kids eat.
Check it out:

In another from-the-top decree, President Obama and his USDA have used regulatory powers to officially ban all junk foods from the nation’s schools.

The USDA has banned all food it deems unsuitable for kids and bases its power to demand such things on the fact that schools receive federal money for education. With federal money come federal strings.

The federal food agency announced that it is allowing schools to hold bake sales to raise funds without federal interference, but still insists that the new rules will “Help” make ” the healthy choice the easy choice for America’s young people.”

The new rules will require that vending machines operated by outside vendors will only be allowed to offer a fruit, vegetable, dairy product, lean-protein product, whole-grain food. They will also be restrained to 200 calories for “snacks” and 350 calories for “entrees.”



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