Militia to BLM: ‘We Are Prepared to Use Deadly Force’

Conservatives need to be ready to defend their selves and their homes.
Check it out:

One of the militia groups who joined the effort to “protect” the Bundy family and their ranch from the armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers admitted they are prepared to use deadly force in self-defense in Nevada or Texas. Several militia groups have joined ranks to provide “protection” to keep the BLM from taking property from the Bundy Ranch, most of which operates on federally owned land.

Scott Shaw, co-founder of the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia says he is just an average American who goes to work every day and pays his taxes. He described his militia members as “every-day citizens …We just have a strong conviction for freedom and liberty and upholding the Constitution. We are just here in case our court system fails us and we have to stand up to the federal government.”

In talking about the armed force of BLM rangers, Shaw described it as questionable. “If you’re there to get your money back that [Cliven Bundy] allegedly owes you, there are several ways you can do that in a court of law. You can put a lien on his property; you can put a lien on his cattle. If it truly was about getting back the back fees, why did [the BLM] take the cattle, or round the cattle up, which are the asset you’re going to sell–why would you kill several of those?” Recent reports revealed several cattle that were killed allegedly by the BLM during the standoff earlier this month.



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