A Message to Millennials: Lose Faith in Obama, Not the Country

This needs to be the attitude of all conservatives in the upcoming civil war. We can and will win this.
Check it out:

They’re finally doing what they’re doing, and they’re happy and they’re loving it. And they’re spending all their time at it and it may pay off and it may not. This goes on all the time in this country. The degree of entrepreneurship and creativity, you can’t hold it back. You can’t quantify it. You can’t categorize it. You can’t tamp it down, despite the best efforts of people like Obama. They try. The leftists have tried for decade after decade after decade, but people are people. The thing that worries me is we’ve got these burgeoning young people, the millennials now, they’re the new young generation, when they lose faith in the America that makes all that I just described possible, that’s bad.

They need to be losing faith in Obama, not America. But because their education is not sufficient politically, they don’t understand that Obama is why America is where it is right now, not America is flawed, deeply flawed. America, this was bound to happen because America was a mistake. That’s what they’ve been taught and Obama is reinforcing that. No, America is fine and dandy, it’s the greatest place ever devised by mankind and Obama is the single handed agent that’s trying to screw it up. And it’s worth our while to try to get to these people and grab them by their shoulders and tell them no, don’t lose faith in your country. It’s the biggest mistake in the world you can make, because while you lose faith in your country a bunch of people that haven’t heard the message are going to be out there running rings around you.

They’ll be inventing things, creating things, they’re going to be working, they’re going to be happy, doing things that you don’t think are possible anymore because you’re investing in a guy and they’re investing in themselves. And that’s the difference. If you want to invest in a guy, invest in you. Don’t invest in a Barack Obama. Don’t invest in a me. Invest in yourself. That’s what America allows you to do. America allows you to love yourself. America allows you to think you’re the greatest thing on earth. America allows you to have confidence and bravado. America allows you the opportunity to put what you think is best on trial and see if it flies.

It’s always been what America is about. And while some young people may get talked out of trying, a lot of people are not going to get that message because they don’t watch the news, they don’t watch TMZ. They don’t watch or read Yahoo!. They’re just going to get up and go do what they want to do. They’re not playing video games all day. Or if they are, they’re writing the games and they’re trying to make money off of it. It’s a crying shame that people are losing faith in the United States of America. We have a man who is a failure as a president and it’s perfectly fine to lose faith in him but not this country. This country, we’re at a crossroads now that it’s not been in in my lifetime, but we’re going to survive it. But it means we’re going to have to survive three years of this guy and the kind of people he’s put in power in his administration.



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