Members: Boehner will stay on

This certainly depends on how many conservatives we get into office this fall!
Check it out:

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) will run for Speaker again if Republicans win control of the Senate this fall, according to a survey of GOP lawmakers conducted by The Hill.

But if Democrats retain their Senate majority, all bets are off, the Republican lawmakers said.

Boehner’s future is a hot topic in the nation’s capital. The 64-year-old Speaker and his staffers have repeatedly insisted he isn’t retiring any time soon. They also point out that Boehner has filed to run for another term.
But that hasn’t stopped the chatter.

For this article, The Hill interviewed more than two-dozen GOP members, as well as former legislators who are close to Boehner. Most of them spoke off the record.

The consensus is that Boehner will stay. Twenty-two said Boehner will be Speaker if the GOP wins the Senate. Only four members said they believe Boehner won’t be Speaker in the next Congress.



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