Meet the Depressed — Literally

Liberals are sad that they can’t take over quicker.
Check it out:

This is not hard. If you view half the country with disdain, if you view the way over half the country thinks with derision, you are going to produce a program that reflects that. Now, who in the world wants to watch a program where what they think and what they believe and what they cherish and what they hold dear is gonna be laughed at, mocked, and made fun of every Sunday? Meet the Press long ago ceased being a news program. When Tim Russert passed away and passed the torch, it ceased being a news program. It became an agenda arm of the Democrat Party. The old audience of Meet the Depressed didn’t view it that way. This really is a mind-boggling thing. Why wouldn’t you fire the guy and go hire somebody the audience likes?

If you don’t want to fire him because that would look bad for the news and look bad for liberalism, just like firing Dan Rather would, reassign him to something. You know, put him somewhere where the audience likes him. Give him the Moscow bureau assignment or whatever. Send him over to North Korea, let him shine some light there. He could relate to people there, I guess. Send him to Beijing. I don’t know. Maybe Havana, try to open a new pathway. But this is just mind-boggling. (laughing) Are they telling us that there’s nobody that’s better psychologically prepared at NBC to host this show?

Hell, I could do it. I could bring the ratings of this show back to where they were inside of a month, with no guests! Inside of a week, with no guests! That’s the problem. They’d make me do guests. I mean, it’s Meet the Press. That reminds me. I may have mentioned this to you people once. Back in Sacramento, oh-ho, what a story this is. I swear to you it’s the truth. I’m standing across the glass from a guy who knows the guy who did this and could attest to it if it ever came to that. The manager of the station came to me one day and said, “You know what? You seem out of sorts. You just don’t seem happy. You seem sort of down in the dumps. Are you feeling a little bit depressed?”

I thought the guy was being compassionate and supportive. I said, “Well, no, I’m just adjusting to the move.”



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